The Philipines

Fire in the Philippines

Pastor Renato Advento of Dipolog City Mindanao and Pastor Remegio Blanco of San Nicholas of Luzon have contacted me to come to their cities to minister revival and evangelise. I am willing and God will deliver. Praise Jesus for His wonderful works He will perform in The Philippines. I am also going to help my missionairy friends Dan and Tori Beaver to assist them in thier work on Boracay. Pray for these ministries as they work in the fields that are white with harvest.

God showed up in incredible power as He moved and saved, healed and delivered in the Philippines in March 2007

Pastor Evan Wiggs



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I am planning on going back to The Philippines in March 2008 to work with Pastor Blanco and do an International Pastor Conference and major city wide crusade in Uradenta a large city in Luzon. This cost is expected to be 25-30,000 USD.




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