Fire in the Philippines

Dipolog City,Mendanao

Philippine Trip 3-14-07 - 4-03-07

Pastor Diomanos and Pastor Renato Advento

Music Minister at Pastor Advento's Church. A wonderful man of God!


My brother Josh Dolim and I with two new Filippino friends

Duane Advento, Pastor Advento's eldest son. Was the movie and picture taker for me in Dipolog. A man full of joy!!

More Pastors and new friends from Mendanao. We little know how these have sacrificed for the gospel, and how I love them.

Pastor Advento's wife Carmen and youngest son Bob.


East and West meet. Oh gracious Father bathe the Philippines in your Holy Fire!!

Pastor Advento's Church ministry to children in a fishing village.

Faces of REVIVAL!!

Faces of HOPE!!


Faces of HEALING!!

Faces of Salvation's JOY!!