Fire in the Philippines

Dipolog City,Mendanao

Philippine Trip 3-14-07 - 4-03-07

Dipolog City Mendanao, Pastor Advento's Church.

Pastor Diosmanos standing in front.

A listening, hungry Muslim behing the barbed wire.


Fishing Village near Dipolog City

A prisioner in Manucan Prison making the

Eternal contract with his Lord. Over 70 came.

The Busses start to arrive for crusade.

I counted 33 on top. Some traveled over 2 hours to get here.

Preaching the Living Word


Over 350 came forward in Dipolog for Salvation

Hallelujah the the Lord Almighty!!!

Blind eyes saw! Total of over 200 healed both nights.

Everytime someone was healed, my intepreter would

look like this!! Oh what Joy to see God at work.

Wading rivers to deliver the Word of God!!


The Fire of God fell and this woman's 8 year old son will Grow!!!

JOY in the Lord in the Tribal Church.