Fire in the Philippines

Manila, Luzon

Philippine Trip 3-14-07 - 4-03-07

Manila, Beauty and Poverty, Riches and Corruption, Do you not know the Lord is brooding over you?

Apollo and his prized mountain bike. Apollo works for Faith Academy in Antipolo. He was a driver for us, showing us the missions of Faith Academy.


The famous Filippino Jeepney! They came in all colors and decorations!


Rosella Ramos a passionate lover of Jesus. One of my favorites in Manila.

Tori and Dan Beaver, dear friends and missionairies in the Philippines. They treated us like kings in Manila. This is a picture from Boracay with a dear friend from there, Jimer a firey evangelist.

A tricycle in the Philippines. Can you imagine having about 6 adults weighing over 1,000 lbs in total in one of these?! Crowded a bit.


Faith Academy from above. Dan Beaver is Athletic Director there.

New Faith Chidren's home near Faith Academy and run by them.

A volunteer worker and one of the precious children.

A realy cutie from New Faith Home. They love to get their pictures taken.


The street right outside of the Children's Home.

Snack time at New Faith and some of the precious young children.