Fire in the Philippines

Mapandan City, Luzon

Philippine Trip 3-14-07 - 4-03-07

No Dear Lady, It wasn't me, it was the Holy One in me.

Angela Garin a fireball worship leader. God has plans for her.


How the Healing Power of God flowed!!


Preaching the Living Word in Mapadan

A young worshipper gets down!!

Healed in the Name of Jesus, No more pain!!! Hallelujah!!


The sweet Salvation of Jesus, His wonderful presence flooding in!!

Another precious person set free from pain and sickness!

Set Free in Jesus Name. His Atonement paid it all!!

The end of the Sword of the Lord against the Southern Mountains.


The Sword of the Lord over San Nicholas in Pangisinan Province. It streatched all across the sky from the North to the South.

The Middle part of the Sword of the Lord in the sky.