Behold the Fields are White Unto Harvest

Pakistan Trip 9-9-06 - 10-03-06

Faisalabad Pakistan God will move in Pakistan and His Spirit is brooding over the Land.



Lost Muslims in Faisalabad

Typical Christian Home.

The woman is standing on top of the bathroom,

most of the house is open roofed.

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The Christian streets of Faisalabad where the children play, note the donkey. There were seven on this street. It smelled like a barnyard.

Two firebrans for the Lord on those "mean" Christian streets


Isaac and his AK-47. Needed because of Muslim intolerance and hatred of Christians.

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Isaac the worshiper. He is full of the Holy Spirit!

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Let Your Light shine on this darkened land, Oh Lord of Hosts!


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Christian man dying on the street. Next day He was with Jesus!

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Sunset on Islam. Bring your Glory and make Pakistan a truly Holy Land