Fire in Andhra Pradesh India

Pastor Krupa Kiran of Shalom Gospel Ministries in Vijayawanda, India has requested my help.  I believe this is one of the ones the Lord spoke to me about when I was in Pakistan. 

I am an independent Ministry and receive no aid and am suffering in the truth realm, since 1997 I am in Lords work.  All of our target villages are located in the rural area and where the people are under the curse of Satan and worshipping idols with ignorence.To release these perishing souls from the opposite camp, your prayerful aid and needful aid is requesting to share our local burden for the extension of the kingdom of God, on our behalf. We are prayerfully requesting you to consider our things and unite our aidless service with you blessed mission.By the grace 500 people accepted JESUS as their savior and 170 children are attending to Sunday school but Our converted believers belong to poor class and depend upon seasonal agricultural labor, some are rickshaw pullers ,some are maidservants ,some are lorry cleaners and facing many many hurdles for their livelihood.  Though this very labor and illiterate area so many people are affected by aids.  Some of them are coming to our church please pray for their healing .Some orphans are here because one of their parents died due to aids and other diseases .this is here situation .There people are not able to give anything because of their uttermost poverty and they are subjecting to the conditions but not faith.  But we are regularly visiting their houses and detailing the word of God and increasing their faith in God.  In this way we are moving but it is very difficult to me for my family existence. I am pastor Krupa Kiran my wife Jasmine and we have a child named Shiny.  Our family expenditure is nearly 250 us dollars for month. Through my church I am getting very little amount, till now I did not ask any body, I am praying fervently. Secure Donation

Pastor Evan Wiggs






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