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Evan Wiggs



Tommy Hicks in Argentina 1954


As the revival, that started in the small church in Mendoza and City Bell Bible school, began to burn in the land the Argentine committee for mass evangelism solicited the services of a well known missionary – healing evangelist from the United States.  The well known evangelist wasn’t available and a little known healing evangelist, Tommy Hicks, had been sent in his place.  After Tommy Hicks had arrived in Argentina he consulted with the mass evangelism committee and told them that a meeting place that would hold twenty five thousand people before he would consider starting the meetings.

The committee thought that a meeting place the size of twenty five hundred people would be overly sufficient.  However Tommy told them firmly that twenty five thousand was what the Lord had told him and that was what he wanted.  None of the evangelical leaders on the committee had yet been touched by the revival and had many fears and misgivings.

Further more, on the place coming down to Argentina Tommy had been told by the Lord that he was to meet a man called Peron in Argentina and that Peron would help him in the meetings.  He had no idea who Peron was and asked the stewardess if she knew anyone in Argentina with this name.  She told him that Peron was the president of Argentina.  When he announced to the committee that he was to visit with Peron and that Peron would help him in the meetings the committee nearly fainted.  Such a thing simply could not happen.  Peron was intolerant and uncooperative with any and all of the evangelical leaders. No one had even considered obtaining and interview with him or requesting the privilege of using such a large stadium for a healing crusade.  The idea was too preposterous to even imagine.  Governmental permission to use a large stadium was utterly impossible to obtain and besides all that there were not enough evangelicos interested to keep such a stadium full.

Considering that the revival was still small and the experience of the evangelical church in Argentina was still one here and one there, very small and impotent, few healings and few conversions, the opinion of the committee was perfectly justified, at least according to man’s point of view.  Who would imagine that God would ever move out on such a large scale when He had never done it before?  As you will see, even Tommy Hicks faith was not big enough, for what God had planned for Argentina in the coming months.

Obtaining the use of press and radio was ridiculous to even consider.  Under Peron’s decrees, all religious activities were closely monitored and censored.  All meeting schedules had to be reported to the police authorities sixty days in advance.  Special permission had to be granted for any special meeting and it was extremely difficult to gain permission for large gatherings.  Records of all activities were kept in government files.  Tommy’s request was unfeasible; furthermore it had never been done before.  The prevailing mood of the committee did not indicate the possibility that any miraculous governmental change of decrees was even remotely possible.

However God had sent Tommy Hicks to Argentina and God had told him to speak to Peron, and speak to Peron he must.  The committee warned him that high American government officials had been insulted and refused and interview, so how could an unknown, unheralded and unimportant preacher from the United States ever get an audience with Peron.  But Tommy Hicks believe in his God and he went to his hotel room to pray.  He knew that God had sent him and that God was bigger than any dictator.

The next day Tommy, with an interpreter, walked up to the Casa Rosada or Pink House, where the government offices were located.  As they neared the door, an armed guard, who also served a porter, stopped them with a tommy-gun aimed at Tommy’s chest and asked brusquely, “Who are you? What do you want?”  Pastor Hicks carefully explained to him what he wanted; to hold a salvation – healing crusade.  The more Tommy explained, the more interested the guard became.  Finally the guard asked, “Do you mean to say that God can heal?”  “Yes, He can and will,” replied Tommy.  “Well, can He heal me?” queried the guard.  “Yes, He can.  What is your problem?” asked Tommy.  “I have hepatitis and my liver is killing me right now,” the guard answered.  “Give me your hand,” responded the evangelist, and right there he prayed the prayer of faith.  The power of God surged through that guard’s body and in a moment his pain and sickness were gone.

Feeling the power of God the guard was utterly astonished.  He felt himself all over, and then in total amazement said, “Why, it’s all gone; all the pain is gone!”  “Of course it’s gone,” replied Tommy, “God has healed you.”  The guard responded, “You come back tomorrow and I will get you in to see the president.

The next day the guard greeted Tommy and his interpreter cordially and escorted them to President Peron’s door.  The President greeted Tommy and his interpreter and after asking them to be seated, asked the reason for them coming.  Pastor Hicks carefully explained to Peron the plans for the city – wide salvation – healing crusade planned.  He carefully explained the way of salvation and healing to the President.  He also asked for full rights for the evangelicals to meet in stadiums and arenas of the nation.

President Peron, at that time, was suffering from a persistent, painful and disfiguring skin disease called psoriasis.  No physician had been able to cure him and it had become steadily worse, even causing Peron to have to deny all photographs of himself.

Peron, listening in amazement to Pastor Hicks, asked, “Do you believe that Jesus Christ heals today the same as He did while He was here on Earth?”  Tommy answered, “Of course I do.  Here, give me your hand.”  Again Pastor Hicks prayed the prayer of faith for President Peron and the power of God flowed into him, he staggered back under the impact.

Before the eyes of the onlookers Peron’s skin became smooth and soft as a baby’s and he was instantly made whole and complete.  Amazed he stepped back and exclaimed, “Caramba, Dios mio, estoy curado!” (Good heavens, my God, I am cured!)

At this meeting President Peron sat down and signed the total freedom for the evangelical church in Argentina.  In a moment God had done what is was impossible for man to do.


Now God was ready to explode in Argentina.  The Atlantic stadium, with a seating capacity of twenty-five thousand people, was rented.  From the very first the crowds were small, but God began demonstrating His marvelous power to heal and save.  The good news began to spread as God manifested His mighty power.  Before larger and larger crowds began to appear to see the miracle worker as Tommy was called.  Ushers were soon working twelve hour shifts and the bleachers were occupied hours before and event.  So many people had to remain outside that speakers were strung up all around the stadium to allow them to listen and so many came that the streets and sidewalks were filled for blocks around.

Thousands were healed and saved under the simple preaching and prayers of faith of Tommy Hicks.  He simply prayed from the platform and asked for the people to raise their hands who were healed and thousands raised their hand, weeping as God’s power surged through the crowd, both inside and outside the stadium.  Wheelchairs, crutches, canes, braces were all abandoned and blind eyes saw as God moved in mighty revival power.

Soon, the great Huracan stadium that would hold 60,000 people, was rented.  The crowds surged into that stadium and filled It to capacity too.  God was moving and His plan for Argentina was unfolding.  The enemy had ruled contemptuously over the land and had kept the church small and ineffective, but never more would he rule.  The gospel was making an enormous and lasting impact on this nation of 20 million people.

In the great Huracan stadium, night after night, the power and glory of God surged and flowed.  Outstanding healings and salvations took place, too numerous to record.  Crowds again were too large and the blocks all around the stadium filled with people searching for the God who lives and acts today.

A little child of over three had been unable to walk without heavy steel braces.  When the mass prayer of faith was said the mother took off the braces and the child ran up and down the aisle.  The crowds began to weep and shout, faith arose and spontaneous miracles began to happen.

A twenty year old man was brought into the stadium on a stretcher who had never walked before.  When the power of God flowed that night he left the stretcher behind and ran home with the news.  The next night he appeared at the stadium having walked under his own power on legs healed by the power of Jesus.

A noted publisher was healed of hemorrhoids, varicose veins, rheumatism and encroaching blindness.  His healing was reported in a popular sporting magazine.  One night the police brought a demon possessed woman.  Terror filled all when the evangelist cried out with a voice of supernatural power, “Demon come out!”  And the woman was set free.  As the healings continued and the crippled and lame walked, the blind saw and the deaf heard the papers and magazines of the land reported on the massive miracles occurring in the crusade.

Accompanied by their doctor, the sister of the Vice President of Bolivia brought her children in hopes that they would be healed.  One of her boys was considered incurable and had suffered much.  Both boys were healed at once and when the doctor who attended them saw them both running as any normal child, ran up to Tommy and fell on his knees and embraced Pastor Hick’s legs.  He looked up with tears falling down his cheeks and cried out, “Tell me about your God; I want this God!  I want this Jesus!  I can serve a God that will do this for little children!”

Argentina rocked under the seismic impact of the Hicks healing crusade.  The topic on every tongue was the crusade.  When a critic would speak against the healing ten people would stand up and speak of their healing or a relative’s healing.  Hundreds of people abandoned careers to start healing ministries and Argentina was flooded with faith warriors that could not be stopped.

Oh children of the Living God, can we impact our country like this!?  We need to pray, pray, pray until the power comes into our land.  Faith to perform the miraculous is at the hand of the Father and He only gives it out to those He trusts to use it for His glory.  


Source: Secrets of the Argentine Revival, Dr. Edward Miller