Message to the Church from the Lord During the 1951 Argentine Revival.


During the powerful Holy Spirit outpouring at City Bell in 1951 the angel of the Lord gave many messages for the people. These messages are for us too. They are powerful and will pierce you like a knife if you let them. They are not in the order originally given but are grouped by subject. Read and listen to the Spirit.


A Call to Brokenness


"I want your heart contrite and humbled; thus I can work."

"Without submission, you will not be able to obtain. Continue going down day after day. When you have gone completely down, I will raise you up from there"


A Call to Cleansing


"Pure is My Presence. Be holy, because I am holy. Prepare yourself."


"You are an instrument in My hands, but my instruments are not dirty."


"I can without difficulty, take your heart and cleanse it, but how am I going to do it if you have not given it over to me entirely?"


"You cannot give your heart over into My hands and maintain it yourself."


"Your 'I' must not be there; it must disappear. Take away from yourself your personal ego."


"Certainly it will hurt! A fisthook enters easily but wounds when it comes out."


"If you do not learn of Me, what will your teach?"


"If you do not pass through the fire, how will you speak of the fire that I have?"


"Within your heart, I see a forest of evil to burn. I can only burn it if you let Me."


"Is your heart burning? A great forest, I have to burn; huge trunks embedded in the depths which will wound you. But do not fear; allow Me to take them out. I will heal the wounds tenderly."


"Certainly in My kingdom ther must not be any filthy things that belongs of thee. Because of this, I must reduce it all to ashes so I can put my kingdom there and dwell therein."


"I want to put My hand with purifying fire within your soul. Your heart will burn together with your being."


"All of this must burn; it is pain to your body, bu tis is joy to your soul. Allow Me to work in you."


"Do not leave Me. Do not flee when your moment arrives."


"All that you see that appears wrong to your eyes is my plan, which you will not understand until all be fulfilled"


Who is first in your life? How much time do you spend for Me? And for yourself? Everything or nothing."


"Don't be afraid to leave father, mother or whatsoever you most love here for Me."


"How many of you will enter the ranks of the 'givers of their lives?"


"How many are ready to follow Me?"


"I am faithful to my promises. I will not fail them."


"Why do you doubt and say I am not with you, in the very moment that I am guiding your lives?"


"I am thy "God. Thou shalt have no one in the world as I am. I will uphold thee, I will clothe thee; I will live with thee. Permit me to enter within thee."


"Believe! I am thy God who giveth abundant life to thee."


"Believe! Confidence in My words is of great importance."


A Call to Life, Light and Love


"Rivers of virtue flowing out from Me enter into you to flow out to the world"


"You are but a shadow. If I take My light away you will certainly disappear. I am a God of light."


"With eternal love, I have loved you. With love, I will pardon you iniquities."


"Love without pretense. I do not desire from you feigned love. I desire that you love me in truth - and with all your heart."


"If you love Me, do as I command you."


"What have you done with the love that I gave you? Why do you not love one another? Have you not learned of Me?"


"Love one another with the love that I gave you. How will you be able to love those who hate you?"


"Don't cease from loving your enemies and your neighbors. Many suffer pain, illness, anguish and sadness because of sin. Call to them! Intercede for them!"


"Can the world now see Me in you" And can they contemplate My love and My goodness? Of my love you have received. Gove of My love."


A Call to Obedience


"You cannot come to me without having first decided to yield to Me."


"Be ready to do that which I wish, not what you wish."


"Fulfill faithfully everthing I order you to do. Run not ahead of Me to do that which I ordain not."


"If you do not fulfill all that I say unto you, you may appear to be like Me, but are not."


"I found many before you who promised Me in a great way to do my will, to walk according to My commandments, but I found in them: Indisposition, deceit, fear and love for themselves."


"Do not permit your life to enter into lightness. Do all that is pleasing to Me and subject yourselves to My will."


"Learn from the life of Jonah. Silence not the truth, but give not My pearls before swine."


A Call to Prayer


"What are you looking for? My hands? Seek ME! What you are looking for is in my hands."


"The desire to cry unto Me must burn in you. Day and night, cry out to Me. Don't be careless. Cry out to Me. I am your Father."


"Don't waste time; seek My face."


"Do not fear to seek Me alone. What I will give you, you will find alone."


"You must pray to Me continually. It doesn't matter where you are, not what duty you are fulfilling. Pray to Me."


"Continue digging, fo rwhen you least anticipate it, you will find great riches."


"Pray without ceasing, in spirit and in truth."


"Child, where am I? Am I only there when you are on your knees? I am by your side, even when you are resting."


"I wish to be with you without ceasing. Take care that you do not exclude me for even a moment."


"Wherever you find yoursleves, continue crying out. How do you expect to be even as I am if you do not pray?


"Do not think that because I do not go to you with manifestations fo power and answers to your petitions, I have forgotten you."


" All that you go through, praying in truth, brings you nearer to Me."


"Call out! Even though you see an impossibility before you."


"If you do not have to suffer, wrestle, cry, wear out your body and wait - how can you appreciate what I give to youd?"


"Everything is working for good. Continue seeking Me with patience and continued humility."


A Call to Suffering


"Certainly you will have to suffer. But what do you prefer? To suffer and have Me dwell in you or not to suffer and be simply human before Me?"


"What is to be human in My Presence? Only an abomination t Me!"


"Do not think tht the path you run is roses without thorns."


"In the moment of the test fix your eyes upon Me and face together with Me the situatioj I put before you."


"You will have to suffer cold, hunger, persecution and even death."


"Seek refuge in Me! I will not let you be overcome by a host of enemies."


A Call to Truth


"Do not allow yourself to be deceived by your heart. Don't trust in what it tells you. Look only to Me."


"Don't allow yourself to be blinded by false ideas formed you your heart."


"Don't trust in it; it deceives you. Don't have confidence init; for it betrays you."


"I have conquered the one who puts confusion in your mind."


A Call to Victory


"Behold! Colntemplat Him, who between Heaven and Earth was lifted up for you."


"The Kingdom of My Father, must be the heart."


"It is not My fault if your desire is not fulfilled. I offer even My very Kingdom."


"I will give you all that I promised you, but do not think you are going to find it living lightly."


"You must wish to go where I want - I do not guide you bound to me."


"Be careful of yourself; do not be careless, lest in your carelessness you should trip and lose all that I give you. You are blessed; don't be careless with your blessedness."


"Leave all offenses in My hands; do not judge anyone."


"Watch that you do not murmer against My anointed one."


"Will you cease to cry out and seek My face because you do not understand My work."


"If up intil now you do not have the victory, will you abandon Me because of this?"


"The roaring lion walks on the face ofthe Earth; woe unto him and his followers. Are you afraid of him? Do not be afraid. I want you to know that he lives and dwells within his own houses; do not have anything to do with such places."


"You are in a vile world, but you are of a celestial world; the place where I dwell."


"Do not take Me where I must not go. Do not touch filthy things."


"Do not allow yourselves to be tempted by the devil. He mesmerizes you, but I give you life."