These Prayed

A.A. Allen "Man of Faith and Power"

A. A. Allen was one of the most important of the Healing Evangelists of the "Voice of Healing Revival" Though severely criticized by denominational leaders, denounced by the media and slandered by many others for his sensational ways, God used A. A. Allen mightily to heal thousands and to even launch other ministries such as Gordon Lindsay and T. L. Osborn. Let his story remind you God is no respecter of persons and to the person who seeks Him, He will answer.

Asa Alonzo Allen was born into a severely dysfunctional family on March 27, 1911. His parents were fighting drunks who entertained themselves by giving their children liquor and watching their drunken antics until they passed out. As a result all the children grew up as alcoholics. Allen had two brothers, one of which died a drunkards death. Allen ran away from home at 14 to live the vagabond life free of the horrendous home life he lived but continued in the drinking and smoking that almost killed him.

Later, back again with his mother on a farm in the country, they opened up a dance hall fueled with home brew they made in the back. Just down the road was a man called Brother Hunter who was opening up a Pentecostal Church who was praying against the dance hall of the Allen’s. Eventually Allen, who was miserable with his drunken life, saw the life in the Church and accepted Christ as his Savior. Finally at a Pentecostal camp meeting in Oklahoma Allen met received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit with speaking in tongues.

During the height of the depression, while in Colorado with his new wife Lexie, Allen started A. A. Allen ministries on a shoestring and a prayer. They often recorded special offerings for the pastor of 35 cents to as little as 5 cents. They chopped wood and sold it to make money to live on while the offerings bought gas to get from meeting to meeting. It was during these meetings Allen learned the power of prayer. Following prayer he had as many as 30 to 60 people saved at meetings where there were many times only as many people as that!

In the late 1930s Allen accepted a pastorate at the Tower Assembly of God in Holly Colorado. It was while there Allen’s spirit was pricked to seek the secret of God’s power. Fasting was new to Allen and he had great difficulty in following through. But one time when he had prematurely broken a fast the Holy Spirit convicted him at the first mouthful and he went back to his prayer closet and told his wife to lock him in. Here Allen relates his experience.

"I began to realize that the light that was filling my prayer closet was God’s glory! The presence of God was so real and powerful that I felt I would die right there on my knees….Then, like a whirlwind, I heard His voice. It was God! He was speaking to me! This was the glorious answer that I had sought so diligently and for which I had waited since my conversion at the age of twenty three….It seemed faster than any human could possibly speak, faster than I could follow mentally, God was talking to me…. God was giving me a list of the things which stood between me and the power of God. After each new requirement was added to the list in my mind, there followed a brief explanation, or sermonette, explaining that requirement and its importance….As God spoke to me I wrote them down…..When the last requirement was written down on the list, God spoke once again and said. ‘This is the answer. When you have placed on the alter of consecration and obedience the last thing on your list, you shall not only heal the sick, but in my name shall you cast out devils, you shall see many mighty miracles as in my name you preach the Word, for behold, I give you power over all the power of the enemy.’

"God revealed to me at the same time that the things that were hindrances to my ministry were that same things which were hindering so many thousands of others.

"At last, here was the price I must pay for the power of God in my life and ministry. The price tag for the miracle working power of God!"

God gave Allen thirteen things he had to understand and do to receive the power of God in his ministry.

  1. He must realize he couldn’t do greater quality miracles than Jesus
  2. He could walk as Jesus walked
  3. He must be blameless like God Himself
  4. He must measure himself to Jesus alone
  5. He must deny his fleshly desires with fasting.
  6. After self denial, he must follow Jesus seven days a week
  7. Without God he could do nothing!
  8. He must do away with sin in his body.
  9. He must not continue in shallow, pointless discussions.
  10. He must give his body wholly to God forever.
  11. He must believe all of God’s promises.

The remaining two guidelines were personal sins Allen felt he need not share with anyone.

It was shortly after that visit the Allen was tested when in a service a miner came forward who had been blinded by an mine explosion. After prayer the man’s sight was completely restored. The ministry of A. A. Allen had started and what a mighty outflow of God’s power it was.

If you could see the Church as God sees it you would be on your face with weeping and fasting. The Church of God is full of people with one foot in the church and one foot in the world. I recently was at a electrical show and I met a man in the booth next to mine. He was a bit disgruntled with some people who had come by and asked for free equipment. He said some very vile things about them under his breath to me. I was not shocked as the world acts like that. We can expect no better from them. Later that day I mentioned that I had played softball on some church co-ed leagues. He proudly told me about him being the leader of his church’s co-ed softball team and how they would pray for some non-Christian members before a game to mind what they said. Now I was shocked, because I have reason to expect a believer to be different than the world. I grieve for this man and the thousands others who are fighting the battle with much of their armor off. I pray for him that he might learn more of my sweet Jesus and his wonders in our lives.

The enemy works double time to undermine, steal, kill and destroy. The Church of God must wake up and realize the holy battle we are in. Men’s souls are at stake. Millions launch into a fiery hell every moment. The place where the Christian must be is in the prayer closet. When you see how much God overcame in A. A. Allen’s life you can see that He can use anyone to do his wonders!!

Beloved, have you sought God’s highest and best for yourself? Have you fasted and prayed with your soul in anguish to have the Holy One speak to you? Do you have a list like the one above you must work through to gain the presence and power of God in your life and ministry? Seek Him today and He will answer!!


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