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Does America Has ACompassion Deficit?

Look at the picture below.It is a little raw, a little out there isnít it?Look at it and seek the Fatherís heart on it and ask Him what He thinks.Do you hear His cry?Do you hear Him weeping for all the hurting and lost?Is your heart broken when His is broken?If not maybe you have a compassion deficit.


Matthew 12:7

7ďBut if you had known what this means, ĎI desire compassion, and not a sacrifice,í you would not have condemned the innocent.


Colossians 3:12

12So, as those who have been chosen of God, holy and beloved, put on a heart of compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience; 

Kevin Carter won a Pulitzer Prize for this haunting photo.He was launched to the pinnacle of the photography world.But by 1994 he had died a suicide.Here is the story about this photograph.


In 1993 Carter headed north of the border with Silva to photograph the rebel movement in famine-stricken Sudan.  To make the trip, Carter had taken a leave from the Weekly Mail and borrowed money for the air fare. Immediately after their plane touched down in the village of Ayod, Carter began snapping photos of famine victims.  Seeking relief from the sight of masses of people starving to death, he wandered into the open bush.  He heard a soft, high-pitched whimpering and saw a tiny girl trying to make her way to the feeding centre.  As he crouched to photograph her, a vulture landed in view.  Careful not to disturb the bird, he positioned himself for the best possible image.  He would later say he waited about 20 minutes, hoping the vulture would spread its wings.  It did not, and after he took his photographs, he chased the bird away and watched as the little girl resumed her struggle.  Afterward he sat under a tree, lit a cigarette, talked to God and cried.  "He was depressed afterward," Silva recalls.  "He kept saying he wanted to hug his daughter."

Do any of us realize how precious that little Sudanese girl was in the sight of our God?Do we understand what He wants us to do?He wonít ask us all the very same thing, but He will ask us about our compassion.You see this word all through the scriptures and it mostly is applied to Godís compassion.Our hearts are to flow with His compassion.The chances this little girl is alive today is very slim.But there are other little children out there that need our compassion.


A few years ago a little 5 year old in our area was beaten to death by a meth addled father.All she wanted was something to eat.Her body showed symptoms of previous beatings.I read that and wept for days.


Oh Father!We need you to come to us and make us your children of compassion!We need you to teach us your ways of love to reach into the darkness and pull those in who are dying and lost.Precious Father help us to be your people!


People of God we live in terrible times.People get rich off of others suffering.I do not fault the photographer in the above picture, he had humanity, but he really could not do much.


We can however.We need to live out our lives in the light of His glory that resides in us.The world needs to see that glory in us.That will make them hungry for God.Look up Iris Ministries and see what they are doing in this part of the world.Reaching the lost one person at a time.

That is the way of Jesus, that is the way of true revival.


God Bless you all!