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God's Manifest Presence

VIII. Proper Responses to the Manifestations

  1. Taking the posture of being "learners" rather than "experts" in the ministry of the Spirit.

  2. Being gracious, kind and patient with differences in perspectives within the community of believers.

  3. Giving proper liberty and creating sufficient opportunities for the Spirit to manifest Himself.

  4. Encouraging proper restraints -- we are appealing for sensitivity to the situation and context. What does love "look like" or require in this particular setting? Seek to submit to those in authority for the sake of peace and unity. Appeal to them in private if you disagree with the direction they gave or are giving to the body.

  5. Being open and willing to freely receive from God.

  6. Not striving to "make something happen".

  7. Expressing gratitude for the present grace of God.

  8. Taking time to wait and be patient in ministry situations.

  9. Searching the Scriptures.

Revised: October 19, 1995