Love and Humility by Frank Bartleman

There are two errors to be avoided - dictatorship and lawlessness. Unorganized churches frequently have a tighter ring of fellowship than those organized. Sects generally begin with an honest effort to preserve and restore some long lost truth, but they end in division. History repeats itself. No religious body has ever recovered itself after loosing its "first love". To be like Jesus is the standard that God has set for us. If Heaven is real, we should live like it, this will produce "Pentecost". The human spirit too often dominates, while love and humility are clothed in rags and sit by the wayside begging. The gentle Jesus is often pushed aside and knocked down in church meetings. Sin and the "flesh" will kill any "Pentecost". The doctor looks at the tongue first. Have you been speaking evil? Evil speaking denotes a bad heart and every radical movement for God has ultimately failed on the test of love.

We need holiness of heart. It is a vital error to substitute light for heat. "Knowledge puffeth up, but charity (love), edifieth." Read I Cor. 13 once more. Be not drawn away from "the simplicity that is in Christ." Faith gets the most, love works the most, humility keeps the most. God's vision comes to humble men. He who seeks to make footprints and do sublime things is a failure. A self-conscious poser is a loser. Let self intrude and the whole is spoiled. Excellency is proportioned to the oblivion of self. A fisher for compliments has lost God. Self-consciousness must go. We are too conscious of the other fellow, we need a God-consciousness. Humility, not infallibility, becomes fallen creatures. Infallibility is the apex of Satan's proposition to man. The deepest repentance and humility and our own frailty and weakness must be realized before we can know God's strength. Receding guns vanish out of sight after firing and so must we, for safety. WE NEED TO BE BROKEN!

Reference Used - "Azusa Street" by Frank Bartleman

From: A Revival Source Center