Bulletin No. 103  •  August 2006

There is nothing worth living for but Him,
and His lovingkindness is better than life.

Dear Friends,

About months ago a major reconciliation event was held in our city, and some of you have asked, “What changes have come about as a result?” Remarkable transformations have taken place in other areas subsequent to such events, and there has been much interest to see what would happen in Potosí. 

We have often posed the questions—why is it that the poorest city in Bolivia is located right next to the world’s richest silver mine? How is it that we have two huge smelters, neither of which have been able to function? Why is there so much poverty and spiritual darkness in Potosí? If the blood of Abel cried out to God from the ground, what kind of cry goes up from this city from the blood of hundreds of thousands of native slaves who have died in the mine? Do the atrocities of the past continue to affect our city in the present? These considerations led us to be involved in the reconciliation event that took place on March 31. And now the question is—if confession, repentance and reconciliation has made some kind of difference in the spiritual realm, how will that work out in the natural realm?

Well, remarkable changes have been happening in our city in recent months. How much is directly related to the reconciliation event? —We don’t know. But these are some of the things we see taking place . . .

 The economy of our city has taken a steep upswing.
 In April the Spanish government committed to investing $50 million euros in projects in our city.
 Mineral prices have climbed and the mining industry is booming.
 So many have flocked to work in the mine that it is now hard to find men to do construction work in the city. Wages for miners have doubled since last year.
 The tax revenues for our city have sky-rocketed. The amount of tax money coming in on a monthly basis is now considerably in excess of what used to come in a whole year! The first six months of this year have registered the highest tax income on record.
 A number of mega projects in the mining industry are in the process of starting up in the department of Potosí, and about 11,650 new jobs are being created.
 The Karachipampa smelter near Potosí is the largest in Bolivia. This $200 million dollar complex has never functioned in its 22 years of existence. It is now being taken over by an American company and should start operating by next year. The possibility of activating the other smelter is also under consideration.
 Recently a Christian in our fellowship involved in the mining industry made a donation to the Lord’s work of almost $40,000. 

These are a few of the amazing developments that are taking place in the economy of Potosí. Large numbers of people are experiencing relief from poverty—and for many families in our city that have known little else, this is good news. We continue to pray that similar changes will be seen in the spiritual climate of our community. We trust that will be the next chapter to be written.

Construction nearing completion
We are putting the final touches on the chapel building in the prison. This construction project has been in the works for some time and is finally nearing completion. Having not had an adequate facility for the prison ministry in the past, this building will be a great asset. Pray that the chapel will be a place where many inmates will be touched by God’s transforming grace. 

Rural Evangelism
We have taken on the task of taking teams to evangelize poor farming communities along the Toropalca River, south of Potosí. Two villages have already been visited, and the gospel was presented in a variety of ways to children and adults. We were able to put Samaritan Purse boxes into the hands of all of the students in these communities. The amazement and joy on their faces when they received these gifts from Christians in Canada was priceless. For those of you who have contributed to this program, the children send a big thank you. Pray that the seeds sown as we continue this outreach will bring eternal fruit.

Prayer & Praise
• God worked in many hearts in the conference in La Paz. Thank you for praying.
• We still need prayer that our paperwork in Immigrations would get finished.
• Bolivia is in the process of re-writing her political constitution. With so many diverse and radical proposals on the table this will be a difficult process. The country needs much prayer at this crucial time.

Gratefully yours,

Jurgen and Wendy Schulz


Jurgen & Wendy Schulz
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Potosí, Bolivia

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