This even happened in the crusade we did in Mapadan, The Philippines in March 2006


Angela Garin Testimony of Healing from Hepatitis B


“You are such a wonderful servant of the Most High God! praise God for your life!

I will share with you a testimony...a glimpse of what God has done in my life through your willingness and obedience to follow Him wherever He leads you...

At the time of the crusade God has healed me from a long time disease of which I really don't know where I acquired it or got it from. The doctors told me that I could get it from using drugs thru injection, drinking alcoholic beverages, having intercourse with other men...of which I have never ever done in my entire life...I was so devastated when I was informed...I was so outraged and questioned God. I was informed 8 years ago that I had hepatitis husband and kids are negative from the tests and it was only me who had it.

A few days before the crusade, I was telling God that it is time...that was why the first night you called people to go to the front if they want healing, I was one of the many people who went in front but you were not able to pray or lay hands on me. (Ed. I don’t know why I couldn’t pray for her that first night, I thought I prayed for everybody who needed it.) The second night came, I led the praise & worship...after it, you hugged me at the backstage...there was such a warmth and love as if Jesus had held me close to Him. I was at the corner of the stage and overwhelmed by your goodness, I kept on crying and crying at that time...your hug encouraged me to continue loving and serving the are a great servant of God...thanks for your wonderful life. Going back, I didn’t know that I was healed at that moment...I was only aware when I had my medical check up at the Canadian embassy and I was totally healed by the Lord of lords and King of kings thru you.

I was in turmoil for almost 9 years but now I am healed in Jesus name'. until now I am so grateful to God.

Please pray that i can have a job outside or in the Philippines really need to have a job.

thank you so much pastor and to everybody who are tirelessly supporting God's ministry thru you and your family.

God remain in my heart”



This testimony shows the how God can work all around the one He is using and that one doesn’t even have to know or remember it.  I don’t even remember this event this dear sweet young lady is telling about, but it doesn’t matter as it is the living God who does these might things.  Like a stone thrown into a quiet pond so the ripples of His glory spread all around the servant He has chosen to carry His glory. Please remember to pray for this dear sweet woman of God that the Lord of Heaven and Earth will give her and her family all she needs.


Evan Wiggs

Measure of Gold Revival Ministries.