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Fire in Faisalabad Pakistan!

Brothers and Sister! This is most exciting. I was contacted by BEM or Biblical Education Ministries in Pakistan. Mrs. Raizia Boota, evangelist asked me to come to Pakistan to miniter revival to the very poorest of the poor. People downtrodden by others. We desire to teach those Christians their spiritual birthright of supernatural living. Pray for me in this as I have heard the voice of our Lord say "Yes, go to Pakistan and help them!" Today I am in need of finances as the flight to Faisalabad Pakistan is over $3000. I know God will open every door as He leads me. UPDATE We will be renting a large facility in Faisalabad to hold a multi day healing / evangelsitic crusade and a multi day pastor's training. God is wanting to shake Pakistan to its core.

This trip will cost about $15,000.00 Update - I am still about $10,000 dollars short for this trip begining September 9th 2006. God is Able!!!

Here is BEM's site Here is another BEM site that tells more.

God Bless you all!!!

For all those questioning my sanity for going to Pakistan you must read this. Child Slaves Freed!

Trip Report Text, Pics 1, Pics 2


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