Dylan’s Healing


A dear friend called me about Dylan. Dylan is the only child of a beautiful Christian couple in my town.  Dylan was conceived and born in difficulty and was a miracle child to his parents and they loved him with a deep Godly passion.  Their desire was to see Jesus in their child and for him to serve his God. 


But the devil had a different plan.  Physical problems plagued this dear child.  He had sleep disorder, anxiety disorder, he was ADHD and had developed a severe case of Epilepsy.  His seizures were accelerating and the doctors were saying if they got any worse Dylan would need to be hospitalized.  Dylan, eight years old faced a fearful future of learning problems, issues of health due to limited sleep and the dread and deadly seizures of an accelerating case of Epilepsy.  Dylan was on eight different types of medication.  One for every year. 


But God is the great and mighty healer.  I and my friend came to Dylan’s house and met with him and his parents.  I explained to them that healing was from the atonement and I read them Isaiah 53:4-5 making sure I put the proper words “sickness” and “disease in verse 4 to correspond with the Hebrew in the text.  I told them stories of the many healings I have seen abroad and around the town.  Dylan was listening intently.  I gathered the parents, and my friend to pray for Dylan and God moved in.  We prayed for every thing that the devil had tried to stop this child and believed in Him who heals.


It was time for Dylan to go to bed that night as we were leaving.  The parents looked to me and said “Do we give him his sleep medication or not?”  I said “The Lord of the Universe is listening to us right now and we must act in faith, do not give the medication, if Dylan goes to sleep without it, all else is healed.” 


Several days later, my friend called me and said that Dylan had slept every night without his sleep medication.  A month or so later, I got a card from Dylan’s parents saying that Dylan had not had a seizure since we had prayed.


Oh the Glory of the risen King, who is the Saviour, the Healer and the Deliver, the same today and forever.  All Glory to Him.


Evan Wiggs

International Evangelist.