Don’s Healing


Don was a big man.  A man’s man, a walking mountain of a man.  He towered over me but I could have with one arm brought him down as every joint in his body hurt and had been hurting 24/7 for seven years.  Seven years a go Don had been working on railroad cars in a repair yard.  A ladder collapsed and Don fell 30 feet to the ground, hard with rocks and tracks.  He didn’t break any bones, but every joint from his neck to his knees screamed with pain and the doctors really couldn’t help much.


When he entered my house, I could see he was not moving very good.  He sat on the very edge of my couch in a pose of pain.  I asked if he had seen doctors about this and he said “Its kinda hard to see a doctor after seven years of chronic pain  I said “I know a doctor who is willing to see you!!  It’s Doctor Jesus!!”


I explained again to this dear man of God, saved just before his accident, that the healing was from the atonement and that Jesus was the great healer.  I also told him stories of healings I had seen.  I prayed for every joint from his neck to his knees and Don stood up and exclaimed in excitement “I feel something like water flowing down through me and all pain is leaving!!”  He was so excited to feel the glory of the King flowing through bring a cessation of pain and new freedom of movement.  He punched his once pain ravaged shoulder and exclaimed, ‘I can’t even hurt is now!” 


It is wonderful to serve the Living God who is the mighty Saviour, Healer and Deliverer. 


Evan Wiggs

International Evangelist