A Remarkable Miracle


October 12th 2008.


Susan and I were at home this evening and talking about revival and revival among the persecuted.  I was talking about the ministry God had gifted me with and the wonders I had seen, because I had found out the same thing the persecuted church had found out.  Jesus is REAL!!  He lives and we can experience Him in our beings!!!  I was speaking in tears of this great wonder of my Lord I have experienced in many places and seen His incredible power.  The phone rang and it was Barbara our dear neighbor lady who was a recent widow.  She explained that she had her daughter, Diana, living with her as she had MS and was in the midst of a strong relapse.  She knew that I had “healing powers” and wanted me to come and pray for Diana.  I have to laugh a little as to how people can describe what a healing evangelist is and I guess saying I have “healing powers” would suffice for this instance.  I did explain that the Lord is the one Who heals and not me, His servant and vessel.   I hung up the phone and started to say “That just goes to show you how God wants to use me for His glory.  But all I could get our was the first three words before the Holy Spirit fell on me and I just bowed over and laughed in the Spirit.


When I arrived at Barbara’s house, I saw a sweet, hurting and scared lady.  She did not look well at all.  MS was taking its terrible toll on her and I knew tonight would be her release.  I explained to her that Jesus was the true healer and not me.  I told her the healing came from the atonement and Christ’s work on the Cross.  I told her a few stories of healings as that always encourages the people and gives Jesus permission to do it again.  I got some oil and put it on my hands and reached under her chin and grasped her neck and a loving hold and prayed that God would removed all evidence of disease and bring complete and total good health.  That the Living Waters that flow from the throne of God in her spirit would flow everywhere and bring healing.  (Ex. 47)


She said that she felt something but couldn’t describe it.  Later she said it was like an electric current in her brain and all the dizziness swirled around and went out.  I asked her to stand up and walk around to see what God had done.  She got up and began to walk and exclaim “I couldn’t do that before”.  She was having fun exploring all the things she can do now.  Later I talked with Barbara and Diana and they told me that every symptom of MS had totally vanished and she had renewed strength, balance, coordination that had vanished years ago.  She also said that she had had an MRI just recently and it had showed a large new lesion in her brain from the MS.  She has an appointment Wednesday with her Neurologist and can’t wait to tell and show him what has happened.  She wants to get another MRI to show the before and after.  I asked for something as well to show people to give them faith.


This is a remarkable miracle.  MS just doesn’t go away like that unless something very supernatural occurs and Jesus it very supernatural isn’t He!!

Oh how I love Him!!