Glory in Brazil

Week Two and
Three Mato Grosso do Sul and Parana States

Brazil Trip 11-04-07 - 11-28-07

Watching as those being saved come forward

Salvation the greatest miracle of all!!!


Interesting Cloud formation over Brazil - Angels? Blessings in Hebrew means the light

shining through clouds

Praying an impartation prayer over pastors. Healing came suddenly

to one man who saw three healed.

This daughter was healed by the Lord Almighty!!

Another Healing in the name of Jesus!!


More Healings!!!

Hallelujah the the Lord Almighty!!!

Hey there are some advantages to being in International Evangelist

Really nice hotel in Sorriso MT

Coming for Healing and Salvation.

D.J. Oliveria my good friend and Interpreter in Sorriso.

Preaching the Living Word of God. It has POWER!!!!!