Open Heavens over Kenya


I arrived in Nairobi at 8:50 PM on June 26th. There was quite mishmash in customs. It took a long time. But expect God to give you an appointment any time. I was in the pay for Visa line and was directed to another area where we could do the same. I went to find the lines about the same but a different mix of people. Just ahead of me was a young American lady headed into Kenya on second trip into Kenya working for two weeks in a medical mission. She was feeling a bit lost and not sure of herself and praying for God to show her if she was right in coming. Well God answered her as we spoke. The Lord spoke to me about her and I told her she was in a very good place not knowing what to do but just desiring God's will and His glory. She was crying as the presence of the Lord hovered near and I spoke to her what was on His heart concerning her. She was greatly encouraged as we parted and promised to contact me in several weeks when she gets back to let me know what happened to her.

Met Mickey Okeyo next day and spent most of the day with him and other pastors and people involved with the training and crusades. So many precious people whom heard some of what the Lord spoke to me about them and some of what to expect. They had a word from the Lord in the church last week and that word said "have faith and expect much from the Lord. That was so true as God has spoken to and thru me such a word as expectancy faith is the faith that reaches into the supernatural.  We will see big things from a big God.


June 29th

Today we went into downtown Nairobi to start the two days of pastor training. I preached on the supernatural and how to enter into it. Many were deeply touched and saw how they could come to God and become mighty in Him. Tomorrow we will do an all day training and see what God wants to do. I got a compliment on my preaching when one pastor quipped "you are white on the outside but you must be black on the inside because no white man can preach like that."


June 30th.

 All day pastor training. We had several special music singers. As one dear lady was singing in Swahili a song about Jehoshaphat’s battle the Lord dropped in on me a powerful word for Africa and the Church in Africa. (Quite frankly this surprised me as this was my very first trip to Africa and to have such a big and far reaching word made me wonder. I asked the Lord if he meant me to deliver this word and He said yes.) The verses were Isaiah 28:5-6. He said "Oh Africa, Oh Africa, Oh my Church in Africa. Too long have you sat underneath the heal of the nations. You sing songs of being the head and not the tail, but I tell you, you are the tail. It is time to arise and come to Me and let me move in you and you become one in all the land of Africa."  He wants the Church to move rapidly to the stage of God's inhabitation where the African Church become so powerful it transcends all tribal, political and state boundaries and drive the enemy from the gate and out of the whole land.

I taught on more of walking in the supernatural and in the afternoon had an impartation service where almost everyone had some manifestation of the heat in their bodies.  Some even had oil from heaven on their hands.  What a precious group of men and women!

I also heard today that there were two spontaneous healings during the meeting as well. One lady came sick and even had her husband tell her that she shouldn't come, but she said God wanted her to come. While I was speaking she was healed. Another pastor, who had been kicked out of his church after 17 years and who was slowly losing his eyesight was also healed. I spoke of my being kicked out of a church and how it was actually a very good thing and that I was so happy that I could walk with Jesus. He heard that and the Lord healed his eyes and all the pain and bitterness flooded out of him. Praise the Lord of glory for all he does!!


July 1st.

 We visited with the vice mayor of Nairobi and were able to encourage him and pray for him.

 I also had two interviews with two people from Christian magazines. (Miracles and KEGMA Voice) The first was a man, from Miracle Magazine, who had looked at my site and knew that I was not going out into the world because I saw others doing it, but I went out because God called me. He also said that we were going to see incredible things in the Kibera slum the next night. Wow that is what the Lord has been saying to me. He will be going to the Kibera Crusade to take pictures and interview those healed.

The second lady is publishing a magazine to pastors in Kenya. She asked about my views of the Kenyan Church. I said there were two things. 1. There was complacency in the church that was dangerous.

2. There was also a hunger for God in the church as well.

I told her only the supernatural in the church would solve the problems. She was fascinated with that idea and would watch the DVD of the pastor training to learn more.


July 2nd.

 I walked the Cambio slum with Mickey, Alex and Samuel. We visited many places and saw much squalor that the Living God has plans to lift up with economic and spiritual help. We visited Magdalene who was a HIV widow and HIV positive herself with two children who were also HIV positive. We prayed for her and her children and her. I laid my hands on her stomach and she reported a heat and a releasing of something around her stomach. She started coughing a strange cough as the demonic disease left her. Next we visited Cecelia who has diabetes and a blind left eye. We prayed for the diabetes and her vision came back to that eye. Lastly we visited Tekla also an HIV widow and positive for HIV with two teenage sons who are not HIV positive. The Lord spoke to me and told me to ask her is she wanted to be married again. So I asked her and looked at me like I was crazy and said "In my condition?". I said what if your condition goes away?  And I asked her again, more forcefully do you want to be married again?  She said yes. We prayed and she felt like a new freedom in her body as the tendrils of this demonic disease left her.

Tonight Kibera!!  Oh Lord of Heavens move upon the people!!

Well the crowd wasn't huge tonight maybe 500 to 1000. But God moved and we had 11 come for salvation. I asked for those who had disease or pain in their bodies to raise their hands and prayed over them and many were healed by the compassionate power of God. Several came forward telling of pains and sickness flowing away.


July 3rd

We went to the animal park and also to the market today to get some gifts. We ate at a restaurant today and at the end of the lunch pastor Michael and pastor George cane and sat down with us. We were talking about the Lord when with a sudden surge of the Spirit the Lords presence came very close to us. We all could feel it!  He spoke to again of how we were one in the Spirit and how we needed His presence to be able to do anything. There was such a palpable presence of love there and with tears in my eyes I expressed my love for those men.

Kibera second night

We left early to go to Pastor Steve Baraza's church in Kibera to pray for the meeting tonight. I also connected with my brother Emmanuel Maroa who has a church just up the railroad tracks from Baraza's Maximum Miracle Center. Emmanuel is my friend whom I help to get a cyber cafe going to support his ministry. The Lord wanted him to connect to KEGMA the Kenyan Gospel Ministers Association. Emmanuel and his wife came to the crusade.

We had many more tonight, though I couldn't tell as we got there late after dark and the crowd was out beyond the lights. The Lord wanted to reverse the healing and salvation and have the healing first. There were at least 100 healed as I prayed over those who raised their hands. But only one lady came up to testify of her healing. Then I preached the salvation sermon and we had about 50 come forward for salvation. Oh Lord of wonder you deserve all the glory for what you do.

As we ministered I realized I was probably I was the only white guy in this area of 4 million people. In fact one of the pastors said how unusual it was to get a white man to come and minister in Kibera. He said that the white men would preach in Nairobi but not the slums of Kibera. Well I am overjoyed to come to Kibera to minister to these beautiful people. Many people comment that they have never seen such power of God so evident. Glory to Jesus the Mighty One on the throne!!


July 4rd


I ministered in Pastor Mickey Okeyo's church in the morning. His church is in Jericho, a very tough hard place. They meet in a tent because two church buildings have been burnt down. Mickey Okeyo was given the land by the government to have an impact in this tough area. They have won some of the residents but much work remains. They are such warm and loving people. I taught on Isaiah 6: 1- 12 and showed them the revelation about the hem of the robe. It rocked many in the church. Many came forward with hot hands, feet etc and many were healed. Something they had not seen yet.

We had out last night in Kibera. It is so fun walking down into this enormous slum that the travel books say; "Stay away from!" I hear the word "mzungu" from the children, which means white person. They want to grab my hands and kiss them to see how they feel. Some have never been close to a white person.

There were maybe 3000 people the last night. The team from pastor Baraza’s church had worked hard and expected big things from the crusade, but the crowds were small compared to their expectations. I told them that we needed to let God define the success. When the Lord of glory comes, and we see healings and salvations, then that is success. Also after seeing the churches in Kibera that are small and overflowing, I could see that the Lord wanted the crusade to be smaller so to not overwhelm the church.

The Lord wanted me to bring up some of the sick to the stage and pray for them there to show the power of the Lord before the people. He also told me to bring up Mickey and Emmanuel up to pray as well. This was to allow their anointings to grow and to make sure the people don't attach the healing to the "mzungu". I also wanted to document the healings on video as the man from Miracle Magazine was filming. We prayed for the people on the platform and all were healed. We had the other sick come forward and we prayed in mass for them and as far as I could see they were all healed too. What a Lord of glory You are Lord. How precious you are!!  How excellent are all Your ways. I preached the salvation message from the Roman Roads and about 150 came forward.


July 5th

We caught an early morning bus to Kisumu near Lake Victoria. We met Pastor Felix Wanyonyi who has a church in the Kisumu slums. He has about 200 in his church but only about 40 showed up tonight. I preached on walking in the supernatural and God moved as about 10 came forward with hot hands, feet etc. We called for the sick to come up and there were about 20 and everyone was healed. The pastor was simply astounded and was deeply touched to see God move so in his church. He wanted to talk with me after the service but we had to go.


July 6th

 Pastor Felix came the next morning as I ate breakfast. I poured into this dear man in a sort of mini pastor training. We left in a car to the ferry terminal and just missed it. We got on a smaller boat on the two hour ride to Mbiti where we got on the Mfangano Island boat. It was loaded with tons of goods including a tied up cow. We were carried onto the boat by men in Mbiti to keep our shoes dry (also to perhaps keep us away from parasites in the water too). We finally got to the landing for Mickey's home area. One of Mickey's friends came along, the biggest Kenyan I have seen. He helped us carry stuff up the steep pathway to the area where we are staying on top. This is rather primitive by US standards but there are such precious people here, pastors working on the backside of nowhere in Kenya. They are so looking forward to these meetings with some walking many miles to get here. Oh God of heaven and Lord of power and wonder. Move in loving power upon these your precious people!!


July 7th

Today was a resting day. Pastors and workers are arriving today - such precious people. Children staring at this strange mzungu among them, but the pastors and leaders are very excited. This place is really uptown as they have a bathroom instead of just using the bushes. It has three rooms with holes cut into the concrete floor and a pit beneath the building. One room was occupied by a goat to be eventually sacrificed to feed the pastors here for the conference and crusade.  Really quite nice as this like a camping trip a bit. Tomorrow we start the two days of pastor training and then three days to do a crusade in Mulundu and a joint church service Sunday morning and then the long trip to Nairobi and home.


July 8th and 9th

Two days of Pastor training. First day I taught on what the supernatural is and how to enter. I explained how man is perfectly created to bridge heaven and earth and enabled to bring heaven to earth.  Many deeply touched and excited about what God is doing. But the real explosion happened on the second day. In the morning I taught on the principles of walking in the supernatural. I taught the tie between authority and power in Matthew 10:1, 7. I also taught the link between the gifts of the Spirit in I Cor. 12, 13 and the fruits of the Spirit in Galatians 5: 22 - 24. I also spoke on the truths of supernatural walking in Mark 6: 35 - 52.  Then I spoke of the refining fire of God presence that permanently abides, Malachi 3: 1 - 3 and Isaiah 33: 14 - 17. I also taught on the concept of the prophetic acts in II Kings 13: 14 - 19.  I spoke to them of prayer, due to the African habit if crying out constantly to the Lord in petition. I said that it is far more important for us to hear God's voice rather than to hear our own voice. I suggested the prayer ratio of 10% talk and 90% listen. This rocked the group as they realized they weren’t listening to the Lord.  The Lord dropped on the group in the late morning and I had them pray quietly for 1/2 hour knowing that these precious people would not be able to be silent but would cry out to God until they would grow silent and then God would speak to them. After that time I had them get up and tell what God had spoken to them. Many related visions and powerful words as well as spontaneous healings. One man was sick for yesterday’s meeting but God healed yesterday while I was speaking and he came the second day. Many had the signs of anointings and I prayed over them and then had them pray for the sick and had many healings. People are blown away by the reality and power of God.  All glory to You my precious Jesus!!  You are the One who does the work and I get to rest in You!!

That night the pastors and people had their own service. I was tired and went to bed early. But they had a powerful time in the Lord together and saw 6 salvations that night!


July 10th

Crusade in Mulundu


We walked about 3 miles to the fishing center Mulundu. The team had organized a crusade on the beach in this predominantly SDA area. The Lord wanted me to teach the full healing sermon and call for the sick and have Brother Mickey and Pastor Phillip (the pastor over the area) come up and pray for the sick. He also wanted Pastor Phillip to preach the salvation message. We had about 20 come up for healing and all but one were healed. Phillip preached his heart out but no one came forward. Much religion in the area, but the people had seen the power of the gospel and had heard the gospel and it would have an effect.

One young lady came forward for healing of Malaria and who was also pregnant. She was instantly healed of that terrible parasite driven disease. She was in her 11th month of pregnancy as well as the parasite penetrates past the placenta barrier and retards the development of the baby. Eventually around the 11th or 12th month the malaria will kill the child and it will be stillborn. This precious lady had her healthy baby boy that very night and knew it was a miracle of the living God who had healed her. She also named her boy Evan Wiggs in honor of the miracle. I now have a little boy with my name on Mfangano Island. I'll get pictures of this little boy when I go back.


July 11th

Joint Church Service at School

"And Raise the Dead"

Interpreter Mark told me two powerful testimonies about some really cool stuff the Lord did during the meetings.

The first was a young man, named Killian, who was into drugs and alcohol and was notorious on the Island. He was so disturbed he had been apprehended by the police and had overcome them and beat them and got away. He had even killed another person.  Killian heard about the meetings we were having and decided to come to the meetings because he realized his life was not good. He heard the preaching and teaching and heard the voice of God. He came to me for healing prayer for chest pain associated with the drug use before the meetings started at our noon break and the Lord touched him and healed him of the pain and  the addictions. I told him to go into the meeting house and dance before his God to seal his healing. He went in and realized that he had just met and experienced the mighty living God and he was saved. He was lit up and came the next day to the crusade in Mulundu and the people were surprised to see him. His mother came to the last meeting and told the pastors the wonderful change that had overwhelmed her son and told the that if they wanted they could take him and teach him how to love God like they do and to help him preach the true word.

Second there was a man who came to the meeting who had two chickens stolen from him. This represents a large amount of money in this culture. This hurt him so much he thought about suicide. He came to the meetings and heard the power of God's Word and was saved and touched and healed and became a child of God. Isn't God the most marvelous and wonderful Lord??!!


Dead Baby Raised

We were starting into the service, had awesome worship and God seemed to hover over the area. During a lengthy time of introducing the pastors and letting them speak a "short" word there developed a commotion on my left about 20 feet away. Mickey came to me and said a baby is dying. I immediately went over where a pastor was holding a baby and shouting at it and shaking it like he was trying to awaken it. Hovering around in back was an extremely distraught mother. I went and looked at the baby and saw death in her face. Eyes rolled back, slack mouth a pale deathly pallor to the skin. No breathing and no heartbeat. The baby had worms in her stomach and they had in mass tried to move out and up the esophagus and had impacted the trachea and suffocated this little baby girl. It had evidently happened as the mother was on the way to church. She came up to the pastor and almost threw the baby into his arms. I laid my hand on the chest of the child and cried out to the God of all life to bring life to this child. I said "Bring life Precious Father!" Three times as the other pastors were also crying out to the living God.  I saw the baby's eyes roll back and her mouth opened to cry!!  At that moment the Lord spoke to my heart that the baby will be OK!!!  All glory to the Living Lord who performs mighty miracles.

This event is even sweeter in a way as I found out later that one of the pastors on the island who is an evangelist was starting a meeting two years ago and lost a son to the same thing and had to stop the evangelistic meeting. The devil tried the same tactic again, but underestimated what God had done and when the attack came we cried out to the compassionate and living God and he moved utterly defeating the enemy!! 


Needless to say the meeting was very powerful as God had already demonstrated His magnificent power. I preached on Matthew 16: 13 - 19. And the people were moved. I called for the sick and called for those whom had the anointing and had them pray for the sick and there were maybe 30 healings. Pastor Daniel told me later that he had prayed for a pastor with a broken rib that was hurting him badly and God healed him!!  Isn't this Lord of glory the most loving and kind Lord to show Himself strong for these wonderful people!!


July 12th

Leaving Mfangano Island


Got up at 5:30 and left the house at 6:00. We went on about a mile and a half mostly in the dark to go to a beach with a small fishing village to catch the boat to Mbiti. Pastor Daniel came much to my surprise as this village was his area. He wanted me to pray for his business in a small tin hut about 20 yards away. I went up and came in to this most dear man's place of business. Oh Lord of Heaven pour into this dear man's life. It was pitiful by the world's standard, but God is so moving on that island we must remember not to overlook the day of small beginnings. He was also travelling to Mbiti with us to buy product for his store.

We caught the boat and I was sitting by a young family from the island who were going to Mbiti to take their young daughter to the hospital for malaria. The baby was very fretful and crying. I heard someone say malaria and I started and asked if it was the baby. Upon understanding I prayed for the baby who immediately quieted down and slept with the fever gone. Oh Lord your wonders never cease!!

On to Mbiti, ferry to Kisumu terminal, car to Kisumu bus terminal and jumping on the last bus to Nairobi. The bus driver drove like a man possessed down those bad African roads and there was no sleeping on that lurching, bouncing 7 hour ride - a full hour shorter than normal, a more sedate 8 hour ride.


Further Testimonies

Crusade in Kinoo, Pastor Baraza.


I met pastor Baraza at the Java House in Nairobi and he told me that he had done a crusade in Kinoo another district of Kibera and found the healing to be easy. This speaks volumes about how God works so mightily to help us to come to Him and understand. These Africans are passionate people who want to see God move, but in their passion they practically kill the person they are praying for with hand on heads shaking them violently as if by their passion and effort they can induce a recaltriant God in heaven to move. But the anointing is the presence and the presence of Jesus the healer is full of compassion for the sick and lost and moves with ease. So pastor Baraza, who did receive an anointing at the pastor training and now understood how sweet the Lord moves in gentle power.


I have been getting e-mails from Mickey Okeyo and Emmanuel Maroa saying that the healings and signs and wonders are still streaming in Kenya.  Pastor Phillip’s church in Mulundu is growing with the miracle of the baby raised from the dead.  Isn’t our God so grand and wonderful to do such things as this?  I am in awe of my King who uses me for His glory.


Below is an e-mail from Pastor Maroa who I also gave a healing anointing and here is what he is saying is happening.


My dear brother Evan,

Praise God in the highest! Hallelujah! its such a blessing to serve God and to be called his beloved child. receive greetings from my family and the churches, we are doing very well and we love you so much!

I am so happy to tell you that for the last one week I have been having very powerful revival meetings in church in Kibera slum, I tell you it’s a week I will never forget.  Many sick people were brought for healing in our services. Miracle have began happening in our church since you came and anointed me.  I had never experienced the mighty power of God I always feel when I stand to preach and minister to people. My brother God did not only send to bless me financially but even spiritually. I love you so much and I am praying for you.

I Thank God for your humble heart and your servant hood heart, I tell you I have never seen  HUMBLE SERVANT like you.  Now I know that is why God is using you mightily. Thanks for allowing God to use you in such a profound way.

I thank God that he spoke to you during your trip to look for me, that was God's move and he had a reason. I am happy that you connected me with other servants of God and groups that we will be working together..

My brother I am praying for you and your dear wife and daughters, we continue to pray for your wife's quick recovery.

It will be my joy to meet you again next year. I am saying "next year" because I have began praying that God will enable you to come again next year.

I have to leave for now but remain in prayers for you.

I am your brother in Christ,

Pastor Emmanuel Maroa