Cambodian Fire

The team, Evan Wiggs, Mike Maksimowicz, Bethany Langdon and Carl LaCasse left Seattle on the 31st of August and got to Phnom Penh September 1st and met our new friends Mordecai Rossouw of Forever Wild at Heart Ministries and Randy Fleming of Water of Life Ministries of Phnom Penh.Mordecai has a medical ministry to the poor of this area, bringing in dental and medical help to those who cannot afford a doctor.Randy runs a large orphanage with many wonderful and loving children and young adults.Rin Yame is his helper there a wonderful young man who is a musician, singer and teacher in the orphanage.We also met with two advance members of our team Jerry and Sheryl Burns of Portland. They have helped Randy and Mordecai on past out reaches and were our contacts for helping set this trip up.

That day we went to our rooms at the orphanage and crashed at about 4:30 and woke up early the next morning to start on a two day reach into villages outside of Phnom Penh.We also met at this time Nick and Elaine Haydon who work with both Randy and Mordecai in these outreaches.

Sep. 3, 2009We just prayed for the sick at the medical work and they gave us time to evangelize the second day. Many were healed by Jesus the healing Lord.Pains, headaches, teeth, bad vision all healed.The people were in awe because of the many healings the day before. We had an evangelism meeting and nearly all the people were excited to accept this Jesus who healed them and would save him.This meeting started a core of a church in this new village in the Jungle.A man of another village up the road gave property to build a church and a school on in this village.I told them that when they build that church that we would have a good well drilled in the village to provide good water.All the wells in the village are surface wells that are contaminated with human waste and so shallow that they will lose their water when the rainy season ends. This will eliminate much disease in this village.
We also had another neat praise too. There was a little girl about 2-3 years old who was in the arms of a pastor who had a raging fever and was so tired she could not raise her little head. The pastor had lost hope in her survival. Remember this child, if in the US would have already had antibiotics and would have recovered, but in this remote and poor village in Cambodia it was a serious disease.Mike and I prayed for her and in about a couple of minutes later her fever broke and within an hour she ate and was playing with the other children.

Today Mike and I spoke to 10 pastors who together have 30 churches and anointed them to go out with healing etc. The pastor who held the little girl was there and told us the story. Praise Jesus!!

We went on a medical outreach to a village about 3 hrs away. Took a ferry across the Mekong River.This village is all Buddhist, but very poor and needy.We had maybe thirty in the large yard of the house we stopped by and started praying for the sick as the medical team set up.Many healings occurred.I prayed for two people that were essentially blind and saw them able to see.Many with bad teeth were healed, thus lessening the load on the dental outreach!!As those who were healed were going back to the village more and more were coming as they were hearing about the healings.We had about 5 people who were blind healed that day.One old crippled man was running around the yard. Mike, Nick and Elaine were the others praying for healing.I met with the people and praying using a few words of Khmer and hand signs to determine what was wrong and just let Dr. Jesus do the rest.

After this we did the rest of the evangelistic outreach with some of the young Cambodian men from Randy Fleming's orphanage. Many came to Jesus as they had seen His power!!All glory to Jesus!!!


What a marvelous God we serve what a beautiful Lord!


Today we went to a YWAM Cambodia mercy project in a relocation area. The relocation areas are places where the government puts poor people when they are removed from the land the government wants for development. They bulldoze down their houses and shove them off to another area outside of town. This only serves to make their grinding poverty worse. The children are at great risk as many times they get sold into the growing sex tourism in Cambodia. YWAM is attempting to help these beautiful people realize their own worth to the King of Kings.

We went to serve and on Tuesdays they wash the children's hair to help remove the lice. That is what we did, we washed these beautiful children's hair.

As we washed hair I remembered the verse where Jesus said that if we do it unto the least of these we do it unto Him. Oh sweet Jesus what joy filled my heart and how my tears of joy mingled with the soapy water as I washed your hair.

We also demonstrated the infinite love of Jesus as well. To these poor people we white skinned Americans represent an incredible wealth and loftiness unattainable to them. But that we come and enter into their lives and show tender love for their children brings in an understanding of those children's value.

We change a culture one loving act at a time!!

Sunday the team went to Pastor Huangís church across Phnom Penh.It was a small church with maybe 20 or 30 in attendance.I spoke the word about coming like a child and deep intimacy with God is where the power of God is available. The church was wide eyed and the Holy Spirit moved.I prayed for the whole church and many received many anointing.There were two sick men in the church, one couldnít see and one couldnít talk. I asked three to come up that I knew had a healing anointing and they prayed and the men were instantly healed.Pastor Huang is Vietnamese and his wife is Cambodian.Culturally the Vietnamese and Cambodians donít get along, but Pastor Huang is working on reconciliation of these two peoples.God will bless these people when they express the faith-expectancy and move out to pray for the sick of the large Vietnamese and Cambodian villages right outside their door.Pastor Huang spoke to some of his pastor friends in Saigon and wants to go with us when we come back to preach in Saigon.What a wonderful man Pastor Huang is.Pray for him brothers and sisters.

Later I also ministered to a group of about 20 pastors in a local church.They were part of an association of pastors led by the pastor of that local church.I spoke to them of the wonders and glories of serving this King and how He desired to move through them.I anointed them at the end of the service and had them pray for one pastor who had a bad infection in his jaw.He was healed as well by the might power of God.This electrified these pastors to go out and do the same.All glory to the mighty King!!