Glory in Brazil III

Evan Wiggs

Measure of Gold Revival Ministries



I am in Teutonia in the state of Rio Grande del Sul. The owner of the Posada
I am staying at speaks much German and my old rusty German is improving as
also is my Portuguese.

Last night I met a wonderful servant, Apostle Ricardo Vagner a remarkable
man of God.  He started a church in Teutonia, a very dark and unfriendly
place for the Gospel. He has over 100 churches planted in Rio Grande del Sul
and plans on 500 in 7 years. He showed me the scars on his chest and arm
where he was stabbed and left for dead as he preached the Gospel. I am
honored to work along side such a servant.


Church: Comunidade Crista de Canabarro, Teutonia - RS.

I met with pastor Vagner at 7 to go over the message as he was nervous about interpreting. As I walked down the hallway I glanced through the window of a door and saw several people on their knees crying out to God with tears. It hit me hard in the Spirit. When we came in and sat down in front before the service the Lord dropped on me with power like a ton of bricks. Tears flowed and He said "I am the faithful God who love to move on behalf of His children".

I preached on the warrior spirit. Earlier that day I had gone to the top of a local mountain with another brother from church. On top of this mountain is a principality of murder and death. Just below the top is the house of the man who had stabbed pastor Vagner. The brother said that the area suffered an excess of murders, suicides, and deadly accidents. You could feel the malevolence but the demon's hands were tied for us. The Lord spoke to me there and told me to preach the warrior spirit these two nights because it is the warrior spirit and Gods strategy that will take down the darkness.
We preached with great unction. Pastor Vagner was a great joy to work with. I spoke slowly and enunciated clearly for him and we worked like a hand in a glove.  We called for the lost and those who had fallen away and about 30 came forward out of about 250 in church. I asked for hot hands and about 50 came forward including pastors. I prayed over each and anointed their hands with oil and called for the sick and troubled to come forward and the altars were filled. Many were healed and helped. Dr Jesus was walking around touching lives.
Afterward several told me that they had seen people healed at their prayer. What a wonderful Lord we serve to move in such powerful love. These are beautiful and expectant people and God more than fulfilled their expectations. All Glory to Jesus the Mighty One on the Throne!!


Oh precious Lord how faithful you are! You work in your people to show your glory and bring the ones You love close to you!!

Tonight I preached on coming to God as a warrior but not the big, strong, self sufficient warrior, no but the dependent, child like one. The one who cries out with Abba Father and who trusts completely and obeys totally. Then I finished with the idea of Prophetic acts as the way of the Lord. The people are enjoying the messages and responding with enthusiasm.
Tonight we had another 20 come to the Lord and make that eternal contract.
About 10 more came forward with hot hands and again many were healed. When the time comes for the healing I usually just watch and even hide a bit so the sick will go to the people for prayer. I desire for the people of the church to experience the wonder of a God who moves in power when they pray. As that time is in Portuguese in don't know what is being said. Tonight Pastor Vagner interviewed several people who were healed as I suggested for him to do.
One lady was healed of a headache she had suffered from for eight years. Another healed from a chronic back issue and another from kidney failure. There were many more but I don't know them all. I would guess maybe 50 healings these two nights.


Oh our Lord of the ages! How wonderful you are, and how magnificent are Your ways!
We had a real powerful service last night. God came and challenged the people and they rose in obedient hearts and said yes to the Holy Spirit.
I spoke on the abundant, supernatural God of wonders and might. His manifest presence is the consuming fire of heaven. There is joy in His presence and life for the entire world.
The Holy Spirit challenged them on what they were doing in their church and making sure they weren't creating an idol out of the pattern they had created. He told them to come together on the Sunday after the crusade and not to have a band nor preaching but to cry out to God as a body and say; "We don't know what to do! But our eyes are on You". If they repented of putting God in a box and sought Him, He would make this church, and all in the association, healing churches with the power and manifest presence like a cloud.

We called for the lost and 15 came forward.
Then we called those up who had previously been given the healing anointing. Many sick flooded the altar and (word is getting out about the healings) many were healed.

Some highlights:
One lady with severely inflamed arms could now bend them with no pain.
Another was released from chronic back pain.
Another had pain in her body that was gone completely.


Church: Igreja Luz de Vida, Criciuma, SC

Preached with great power and unction of the unlimited God who is our loving Father. Many wept and were struck by the power of the Holy Spirit. Unusually we had no hot hands this night. The Lord wanted me to pray for the church. Crowd was sparse tonight. This is a wounded church. Many have gone into the world and been wounded by the enemy. My prayers and wisdom from above were used as a balm for them. Many came with repentant and joyful tears at the altar.
There were several healings. One lady I called from the pulpit was healed. Another man healed from pain in his chest. Another lady healed of intestinal pain. I put my hand on her stomach and it grew hot when there came a sudden surge from heaven and it drove her back and onto the floor completely healed.
We are not adequate for such things as God is so mighty and wonderful.


All glory to the King of kings the Lord of lords. All His ways are magnificent and all powerful.

The second night I spoke on the second work of God in the Church, which is Revival. Revival comes after Renewal has reached a critical mass in the manifest presence in the individual, which is his own personal anointing, will become a manifest presence in the Church and this fiery presence can spread to other churches, neighborhoods, even cities and countries as God moves in mighty power. I spoke to them if past revivals, their glory and their effects.

I prayed again for church members and saw healings and wounded hearts gain peace. Next preaching will be the third work of God in Reformation.

Sunday we had an asado or BBQ at the house of Juliano and Hevellin, who have been my hosts here in Criciuma. Pastors Jean Batista and Christine from the church, the interpreter, Horatio and Hevellin's family came. After eating Hevellin indicated she had people she wanted me to pray for and off we went to neighboring houses to pray. We saw many healings. Arthritis in an older lady, one lady tormented by demons who shook her bed at night was cleaned, another lady with a bad back was healed and Hevellin's mother's arm was healed.

Sunday Night

I spoke on the Church that has reached the full maturity in Christ and flows with the Divine nature. This is the church the devil truly fears and works to keep God's people trapped in sin so they cannot even enter into the first Renewal stage. In Reformation everything changes and God leads the church. All man agendas have been discarded and God's agenda, desires and truths reign supreme. The church through history rarely reaches the Reformation stage due to iniquity in men's hearts. Usually the Revival stage is looked upon as the penultimate event and when men kill Revival by trying to control, subverting the Revival to make their ministry bigger, God moves away because Reformation will not coexist with men's egos.

This night the atmosphere was heavy with presence of God. Worship was rich and when I got up to preach and reached out my hands to call on God, He answered before I could even speak and piercing sweetness fell from Heaven and holy laughter fell on me.

I called for hot hands and one lady came forward. She was healed of many years of hand pain when her hands got hot. The Lord showed me the rest who were to be anointed and I prayed and prophesied over them all. God moved in wonderful healing power this night.

Right now I am in the Florinopolis rodoviaria awaiting my bus to Fraiburgo.


Church: Igreja do Evangelho Quadrangular, Fraiburgo, SC


Oh Lord my Abba Father. How rich and good are all your ways. Our first night in Fraiburgo was so good. Pastor Leonardo is a man of great faith. We are in a tent in the middle of town. 368 there and the atmosphere was electric. God's word is so powerful. I spoke on His magnificent love to save such sinners as us!  One came forward but that in God's eyes is a world of wealth. I asked for those who had hot hands and about 10 or 15 raised their hands. Also two had been spontaneously healed during the preaching. I then spoke of healing and the incredible power of the living word. I just read Isaiah 53 and made no comment on it. Two more were healed during the reading, and about 15 more hot hands were made evident. The Holy Spirit was brooding over the tent bringing manifestations of power. I anointed those with hot hands and called the sick and those who needed a touch from Jesus to come forward. The altar was filled with those who were healed and much weeping. God swept through the crowd and knocked many down to the floor.

Glorious and mighty is the Lord of Hosts. Truly the nations desire You!!


Glorious Lord of victory and might, how gracious and beautiful you are, how powerful your ways!!
Wow the last night in Fraiburgo was so powerful. I preached on the Abba fatherhood of God for His children and how delightful it is to jump into His out stretched arms and leap into glory.
Four came forward for salvation. These were four worlds of value in the Father's eyes.
I asked for hot hands again and about 10 came forward and I also asked for the pastors and staff of all the churches for anointing. We had around fifty people at the altar. I anointed the ones with hot hands and gave each a personal prophetic word. I didn't know what I spoke, but the pastor confirmed to Hilgon Leite, my interpreter, that every word spoke of things that could only be known supernaturally. Many of the staff had hot hands as I prayed over then as well.
The altars were filled again with those in need and many healings occurred. Hilgon went out and prayed for several that were healed.


Church: Igreja Batista Sknai, Xanxere, SC

I am in Xanxere (shan-sha-ray) today and last night I had the privilege of listening to Austin Adesola from Nigeria. Austin is a mighty man of God. Tonight I will speak here, the next two nights in Ibiruba (Ebe-ru-bah) and then back in Xanxere to finish the Crusade Monday night.


The Xanxere church is a vibrant alive church that is growing fast and has a big vision. Pastor Fabio is a Godly man with a faith in God that allows much to happen. A church always reflects the Pastor's spiritual walk.

I preached on the supremacy of knowing Christ and the incredible richness of His presence within.
This night there were about 300 present but no lost came forward.
I asked for hot hands and about 15 came forward at first, then something amazing happened. As I prayed over these people more and more flooded the altar with hot hands, hot feet and hot faces. I took the hot hands to mean a healing ministry, hot feet to mean the ministry of the Evangelist and both hands and feet meant a healing Evangelist. I don't understand the hot faces yet. This group was about half the Church. In this group were many who were healed of various things by the Lord as a manifestation of the Holy Spirit.
Oh God of Victory how marvelous are all your ways!!!


Church: Igreja do Evangelho Quadrangular, Ibiruba, RS

Tonight is Ibiruba and I expect mighty things from our God of the miraculous.
"To the Spiritual man the Supernatural seems natural". Jackie Pullinger


God of Wonders, how mighty You are!!! How magnificent are your ways. You changed my message to one of gentle rebuke, of a calling to You the Loving God of the Church. To seek you on everything and not to assume anything but ask you what you wanted. The people were struck with weeping as you moved.
20 came forward to be your brand new children, young and old you accepted and brought them into the fold with your other sheep.
Then many came forward with hot hands and hot feet, including the mayor of the town. He said he was hot all over!
Today we will meet at 3:00 pm as it is Sunday and other churches have meetings at night. The pastor here is a good and Godly man.


Oh glorious King of Kings. Beauty and grandeur are in all your ways and bounty, knowledge and wisdom from your hand!

We had our service at 3:00 pm on this Sunday as many churches have Sunday night services. I preached on the deepest intimacy with the Lord. That place of the child where we sit in His lap and adore Him and taste of His goodness and glory. To the child alone is handed the keys of the vast Kingdom of God.
I asked for all those who wanted the deepest intimacy and most of the crowd came forward to receive this gift and to have a closer walk with their King.
We had about 40 with hot hands (healing anointing) hot feet (evangelist anointing) and hot face (pastor anointing). This supernatural manifestation is increasing and it appears God is building His church in Brazil with an increase in His gifting and offices.
Douglas Junior interpreted for me and did a great job. He is a good brother in the Lord.
I have a prayer request for all of you. I have started working in partnership with a Ministry called Ignite the World Ministries. Douglas Junior used to big crusades in Brazil for T.L. Osborne. I talked with Douglas about doing a major crusade with him and we are in preliminary planning stages for a crusade in northern Brazil in the first two weeks in June. Put ITWM and me in your prayers as we plan this.


Church: Igreja Batista Sknai, Xanxere, SC

Oh my Lord of glory, how wonderful is to walk in deep intimacy with you and to taste of the rare air of heaven! The royal vintage of heavenly wine was poured out on this church last night. The message of our Lord's desire to commune with his Church as children is one that is so very powerful for the Church.
George my interpreter was overwhelmed on the pulpit last night at the crescendo of the sermon. I explained how a little child might stand on the edge of a couch, fearful of jumping but seeing his daddy holding out his arms, he leaps and is caught in the everlasting arms. When it is the daddy of heaven catching us we leap into glory!!
We had about 15 come forward for salvation, many weeping.
Then I called for those with the supernatural manifestations of hot hand (healing) hot feet (evangelist) hot faces (pastor) and combos of the same. Tonight the Lord in great played humorous games with us as His delightful presence drew so close. We started noticing a shiny substance on people's hands when a lady pointed it out on her hands. Some had a little and some had a lot. It was light oil that glistened and sparkled in the light. Truly an addition of the supernatural delivered with a smile. Oh then as if to add an exclamation point to the night of His great pleasure, two little, innocent children came forward with hot hands and the shiny oil!! One was a little girl about 4 or 5 and the other was a little boy about 3 or 4. Such wonders!!! There was a sweet presence hovering over the church. I have video and pictures of all this.
Oh God of glory how good you are to us!!!


Church: Igreja do Evangelho Quadrangular, Barueri, SP


Oh God of glory and might. Take your glory for all you do. What sweet blessings you pour out on your people. Tonight the church was totally surprised by the supernatural God who loves them. The message of the ABBA pai that wants to be their daddy just rocks the church and when the manifestations of the Holy Spirit show up they are just blown away. While giving the various anointings away two sick people snuck in. One a diabetic and the other a cataract sufferer and I prayed for them just to get it done. Oh and both were healed too.
We had two lost come forward and get saved.
Many healings by those with the fresh healing anointing. This just electrifies the church and builds a great faith.


Church: Igreja Evangelica Pentecostal Cristo Liberta, Osasco, SP


God of wonders. Such love you pour out on these beautiful people. Once again the message of deepest intimacy rocks the church. Tonight 7 came forward to accept the infinite love of Jesus.
Then Jesus showed in such loving power. Probably 50 showed up with various manifestations of heat in hands, feet, face and heart. The oil of heaven also appeared on various hands. Many healed tonight. A little girl who couldn't walk walked.   This little girl’s legs wouldn’t work beneath her knees, a young lady was praying for her by laying her hands on her head.  I went down and told her that the anointing moves through the hands and to lay them on the sick part if possible.  I told her to pray the sickness out and the healing in.  This little girl, suddenly jumped up and ran off, much to the joy and surprise of the mother and the young lady praying for her.  A profoundly deaf lady who had been deaf many years started to hear, another lady with back pain and pain in every joint was pain free. I worked with the people and trained then in healing prayer for all these things. God wants to get outside the walls of the church with his healing saving power. All glory to Jesus the Mighty One on the Throne


Church: Igreja Crista Mundial, Suzano, SP


Last night was in a little church in Sao Miguel that is the daughter church of a large church in Suzanno. There were about 50 present and again I preached on the father heart of God and everyone was affected. My interpreter was a wonderful young lady who is a pastor's daughter. Her father's church is in a favela or slum area. She preached the gospel in those dangerous streets as a youth.
We called for the lost and she noticed a little boy kept raising his hands but his father kept pushing them down. She asked me if she could call him up and I said yes. He came up and we prayed with him. We had about 10 come forward with various manifestations of heat in their bodies. Coming up late was the father of the little boy. He was weeping and said that his heart was hot and when he opened his hands they were almost dripping with the shining heavenly oil. The pastor caught the vision of what happened that night and was so excited about the church taking it to the streets.
Hallelujah to Jesus who does all things well.


Church: Igreja do Evangelho Quadrangular, Jaguariuna, SP


All glory to Jesus the mighty One who does everything. I am the glove and He is the Hand that moves me and uses me as His tool.
We had a wonderful time in the little town. The church is about 300 and very expecting and open to the Spirit. The Pastor is a delightful little lady that has pastored here over 40 years. Once again the message of the deepest intimacy rocked the congregation. Oh Lord my God, your love abounds and you pour Yourself out on these dear people!!  8 came forward for Salvation. Many were weeping and stricken with grief because of their lost condition and realizing their plight, but also seeing Jesus and His great and merciful love.

There were more than 50 who came forward with the various manifestations of the Holy Spirit including a new one, a hot back (Servant anointing). I would say about 90% had the heavenly anointing oil at stages from just a few silver shiny spots on the heel of their hand to hands that looked like they had placed their hands palm down in a very light oil. It was dripping off of some hands. I want you to think about this. The palm of the hand doesn't have many sweat glands. My arm will bead up with sweat and my palm remain relatively dry. Even when I work out heavy my palm does not get very sweaty. These people were not hot and sweaty otherwise and their palms flowed with light oil. This God demonstrating His great favor over the church, those He has supernaturally selected, the message he gave me to give and over the ministry he has given me!  I am only about half way in the adventure with my Jesus in Brazil. Oh there are deeper places to go my soul, deeper deeper I desire to run with You!!!


Church: Igreja Evangelica Pentecostal Eu Creio na Biblia, Pirituba, SP


Oh my God of wonders, my God of great love who is willing to use as a fire starter and nation changer. All glory to you, forever and ever!!
Pirituba is a city in greater Sao Paulo. Tomorrow I go to another. Sao Paulo streets have all the appearance to be ancient animal trails set to modern traffic. Roads go off at all angles, into crazy intersections and up and down steep hills. Many are so narrow two cars have trouble passing. Trucks and busses run around here like race cars.

The church in Pirituba is a old church but it has a fairly young congregation. Once again the message of deepest intimacy had a profound effect.  One young man came up for salvation. We had about 30 come up with various manifestations, but no oil from heaven this night. Hummm!?  I wonder what is the common denominator?  Anyway there were many healings by those with the fresh anointing. How wonderful it is to see those who have never seen a healing at their prayers or hands actually see a real healing. It lights them up.
Then another prophet in the church spoke to me this: "You are going to another land to spread the Gospel, it is a very dark land and the devil will be very angry you are there. He will try to kill you by using people with guns. But God will protect you and He will be a fire around you and he will show His glory in two mighty pillars of fire!  You will see this with your own eyes!"
I love it when prophets from other lands come to me with these words. How marvelous is our God?!


Church: Comunidade Crista Deus Presente, Votorantim, SP


All glory to Jesus the King of Kings. Jesus is my sweet Lord of glory.
The church in Votorantim is a coalition of about eight churches. They are buying a large building in town with lots of parking and lots of room for growth. We had 740 there and I knew if it all went normal we would be busy at the altar.

I preached on the ABBA Father who loves us. The Holy Spirit absolutely loves this message of the incredible love of Jesus. There were about 8 the altar for salvation.
Then the altars filled with those with the manifestations and the oil of the Holy Spirit was very evident, even on my hands!

Church: Igreja Evangelica Assembleia de Deus, Ouro Branco

Well up at 4:00 am to get to Tiete on time, then 8 1/2 hours to Belo Horizonte and 2 hours to Ouro Branco at 7 pm. Preaching at 8:10.

Ouro Brancon white goat. A medium Assembly of God with a YWAM translator. No time to bring him up to speed as he thought it was a standard healing service. When I asked for those with manifestations he had the sick all come down too. He kept saying "they are waiting for you to pray for them". I kept telling him that they people we were anointing would pray for them and they would be healed. He finally understood as the elders and pastors were also anointed and saw healings too. I prayed for a lady with a headache by just laying my hand and a very quick prayer and a little boy with hurt knees required just a quick tap. The pastors and people were weeping as the power if God flowed.
All Glory to You Jesus!!


Church:  Igreja, Batista Missionaria Nacional Comunidade Skena, Pirapora


Pirapora is a medium town on a big river. The Rio Sao Francisco is a massive river about three kilometers across and looked to be flooding.

The church is a big building with the back wall knocked. Two churches are in the crusade and one of the pastors was told by God to tear out the back wall. And they needed to!!  The church was full clear out to the street. Maybe 500 or 600 people, standing room only. We had 8 saved with the whole church cheering them on! Wow!
Then the Lord shifted into high gear. I asked for the hot hands etc. Normally I would get about 10% of the crowd, but nearly 75% or 80% came forward. Normally I go pray for each, but that wouldn't work here, so I did a mass anointing by prayer. God did his thing.
One lady was healed of a painful skin disease. Another person was healed of internal problems. Another lady healed of digestion problems. A man in a wheel chair with a spinal cord injury began to feel heat in his legs and them his feet felt like ants were crawling over them. The interpreter's wife who is a physical therapist said that she felt some of his muscles that were receiving nerve signals. He isn't walking yet, but it looks like a progressive healing.
Later after the service, we were in a little room eating and a lady came in to talk with me. She had been touched with the Holy Spirit and she said that I had preached on coming to Jesus like a child, that all the people were saying "that man is just like a child himself". Also many of those around at that time had anointing oil from heaven on their hands.

Isn't God good to all those who truly seek Him?


Oh God of wonders and glory. Such a vapor we are, a blink in time, yet You love us and use us for your glory!  What a wonder you are!!


Church: Igreja do Evangelho Quadrangular, Itabira, MG

The church in Itibira rented a sports complex with another church. There were about 300 there. My interpreter was Luiz Lobos wonderful man of God and new friend.
We had 6 for salvation and about 30 with the manifestations. There were some wonderful healings as those with the anointing prayed.  A lady with painful infection in her stomach was healed as well as a man with long term pain in his neck and back. A young lady, who had a tumor removed from her shoulder, and had her shoulder pinned tight with steel pins, was able to move her shoulder freely after healing prayer. There was a young man with cerebral palsy since birth that couldn't even walk, but after prayer he could. His walk wasn't too pretty, but he was crying with joy and so very excited.


Church: Igreja Central Novida, Governador Valadares, MG

Now up at six and on to Governador Valadares. Wow my God and King!! I met Pastor Lierte Soares Junior and he took me to his church where his father was holding a meeting of pastors and workers in the some 15 churches this church planted, some as far away as Bahia state. He wanted me to say a few words to the group. Well this was a thing God had planned for me. I got up and spoke on what I saw for the Brazilian church for less than 10 minutes and many wept and all were hit by the Holy Spirit. Several asked me if I would come to their church. It looks like I will work with Pastor Soares (who is also a local congressman too) in the future to work with his group of pastors etc. I will be preaching in their church on Sunday morning! Oh God how you like to surprise!!  Deeper I want to go Lord of my life!!


All glory to Jesus my wonderful Lord, my Papai!!
Well I had the most interesting time. I got in to Valaderes on Sabado (Sat.) and met a Pastor from a church in town. The church I was scheduled to preach at was in another town about 30 km away. The pastor was there because he speaks English very well. His name is Lierte Soares Jr. We went to his church to get his dad and grandfather to go eat at a camp they were having and came in at the end of a meeting of pastors and workers from a Revival Coalition of 15 churches in Minas Gerais clear to Bahai, 1000 km away. They were here for a series of meetings. Lierte told me he wanted me to speak to this group for about 10 minutes. Well the Holy Spirit just slid right in when he said that so I knew this was designed by God. I got up and spoke about what I felt God was doing and would be doing in Brazil. Well that short message had a profound impact on this group!  What I spoke to them was a nutshell speech of what they had been talking about and praying about for the last two days!!  Many were weeping as they realized that God was answering them in my little talk. I told Lierte that if they wanted I could speak in their church on Domingo (Sunday) Easter morning. Well God showed up and there was a Holy Spirit bomb dropped in that wonderful church that morning. The powerful and loving presence of Jesus just descended and half the church was weeping and the other half were on the floor. The service lasted from 8 am to after 1 pm. Nobody wanted to leave this awesome presence. Lierte and I were dancing in the Spirit on the podium. Lierte's father, an older man mind you, was down at the floor dancing in the Spirit when all of the sudden he went down to the floor like he had slipped on a banana peel. His arms and legs were at all angles. He went down like a sack of potatoes and looked like he could have been hurt, but he was let down as gently as a falling leaf. You could see the intense love of his Father in this, seeing his child worship in abandon before Him and I pleasure the Lord touched him and took him right to the floor to love him there. Oh brothers and sisters, don’t you know that down low is a Holy Place!!
The father and grandfather of Lierte want me to come back and do a major crusade there and work in their churches.

Church: Igreja Batista Nacional, Itabirinha, MG

Then off to Itibirinha a town with 20 km of paved and semi-paved road and then 10 km of very rough dirt road. When it rains the town is cut off. But it is a very pretty and vibrant town. We met in a large covered gym in town and had a crowd of 500 to 600. Other churches showed up.

A man who was going to sing that night had been in the Sunday Morning service. He got up to sing but first he told the crowd this; "this man, pastor Evan came to our church and delivered the powerful Word of God to us. What he says to you tonight will happen just as he says, for he is a powerful man of God brought to us by God Himself!!". He made it more flowery but that is the essence of his encouraging talk.
 Two came forward for salvation. Glory to the Lord.

We then had an interesting time at he altar. About 50 people came forward with the heat manifestations and everyone had oil from heaven on their hands in varying amounts. I had it as I preached. I went down as the sick came forward and trained those with healing anointing. One man had lost the feeling in his legs due to stroke. I had a young lady pray for him and the feeling came back instantly. Another man was healed of persistent back pain. Several headaches were removed and other healings were done by Dr. Jesus.


Church: Igreja do Evangelho Quadrangular, Uruacu, GO


Uruacu is a nice small town in the Goias state. Pastor Vilson is a wonderful man of God in this medium sized Four Square Church.

First Night
We had 8 come forward for salvation tonight. So wonderful to see those come forward with tears, understanding the powerful love of heaven that draws them.

Then when I asked for the manifestations of the Holy Spirit again most of the church came forward. I looked at several hands and the oil of heaven was also evident. I did a mass prayer over them and had those with the healing anointing stay in front. I always speak to the rudiments of praying for the sick as this is so new and wonderful for many that they kinda freeze in the newness of it all. I believe they may also be a little fearful as well in not knowing how it will work. It is so fun training them. I like to step down and help them. One young man prayed for a headache sufferer and the headache went instantly. Another lady prayed for an internal infection in the chest and at once all pain went away. This a sweet story of the love of God. A very tall man came down for salvation. Later he also came for healing. A lady prayed for him and Jesus healed his stomach and back. That  woman was his wife!!
Oh God of Wonders, such love you pour out!!

That night at dinner at Pastor Vilson's house I spoke to him about the need for the church to come together and just ask God what He thought about what they were doing. It shook him and he said, "You are truly anointed of God". He spoke of his long time friend and mentor and spiritual father that had recently died and said that he wanted me to be that for him.

Second Night

Earlier I had decided to stay the extra day in Uruacu rather than going to Anapolis. Pastor Vilson, who now considers me his spiritual father and mentor, wanted me to spend about an hour with his some 70 leaders in his church. He wanted me to tell them about moving in the supernatural.  We met at 6:30 before the service.  I opened the meeting with a question time, just to see what was on their minds. They just wanted to understand the manifestations and how they had come about in my ministry and life. I explained to them my journey of faith and trust. There was rapt attention and not a few tears. Toward the end I told them that I would demonstrate the incredible power of God's love and willingness to move at our command.  The Holy Spirit had told me earlier that two people in that earlier meeting would have pain in their bodies and I was to call for them to stand and pray over then from the front and He would heal. Well only one stood up and I prayed over her and she was healed. Later in between the meetings the wife of my interpreter came to me and said that she also had a pain in her stomach and that she had been afraid to stand, but that when I had prayed she had been healed too!  Isn't God good!!

That night we had another 20 people come forward with the manifestations. One was a little boy of 8. Under the unction of the Holy Spirit I called him forward and called for a sick person, who was a young lady who had allergies of about every thing. I helped the little boy pray and the young lady said she felt a heat circulating in her body as he prayed. I believe she was completely healed.
What a wonderful God we serve


What a great God we serve. What might you demonstrate through your servants!!


Church:  Segunda Igreja Presbiteriana Renovada, Anapolis, GO

This a Presbyterian Igreja in Anapolis, with a pastor who speaks in tongues. I wonder how many Presbyterian pastors in the US do so?
God moved in might to show this church of wonderful people how powerful He is. The first night two came down for salvation. But again most of the church came down with the signs of the Holy Spirit anointing.
I demonstrated the power of the Lord by calling out a man who had pains in his body and told him to lift his hands to heaven and cry out "Jesus heal me" and I prayed from the pulpit and all his pain went away. This is God at work revealing Himself to His children.


Church: Igreja Presbiteriana Renovada, Ariquemenes, AC

The church in Ariquemenes is a very large and vibrant Presbyterian church. The message rocked the church, especially as I got to the part of how big and powerful God is and called for all who had pain in their bodies to stand. I said that God wanted to reveal Himself to them and would do that through this servant. About 50 or 60 stood up and I had them raise their arms to heaven and cry out; "Jesus heal me!". I then prayed from the pulpit and God moved in power and healed every one who stood. I watched a young lady who had stood in front of the pulpit a few rows back and as the power hit her she shook like a leaf in the wind, and with wide eyed wonder she almost fell in her seat pain free.
We had two lost come forward.
About 200 came down with the attendant signs of the Holy Spirit and maybe 100 healed of many sicknesses.
After the meeting was over quite a few want to come and talk with me. One young lady came and asked if I knew Randy Clark. Randy Clark is a well known evangelist that has a large ministry of signs and wonders. I said that I knew of Randy Clark, but I was just a little one man ministry and couldn't appear on the same stage as Randy Clark. She said; "no you are just like Randy Clark, whom I've met. You operate in the same way he does in the power of God". I was very encouraged with that.
All glory to the King of Kings


Church: Igreja Batista Filadelfia, Vilhena, AC


Oh God of wonders, how glorious you are my Papai.
Both Vilhena and Rio Branco were doing large multi church outdoor crusades. In Vilhena there were over 1000 in the crusade. I met on old friend there, Pastor Paulo, who had interpreted for me in my first trip in Pont de la Cerda. Pastor Paulo was the crusade coordinator and when he saw that I was one of the evangelists demanded that I come.
Before the time for me to preach I had a video interview with a local TV station televising the crusade. Whoo hooo my fifteen minutes of fame. And I had to leave on an overnight bus and couldn't even see the interview!

Well the message and God's revealing of Himself rocked the crusade. We had about 10 come forward for salvation and when I came to the part of demonstration of the power of God in healing the pains in the bodies once again God moved in majestic power and about 50 were healed.

We had about 200 come down with the manifestations of the Spirit and many more healed of cancer, epilepsy and other diseases.


Church: Igreja Missao Batista para os Povos, Rio Branco, AC

Rio Branco was even more powerful. I was tired and got in Rio Branco a little late. So I didn't have my time of pre-service prayer. But during worship Jesus spoke to me and said "Evan, just trust me and watch what I can do!!". Well during the sermon where I demonstrate the power of God we had about 35 healed. But right at the end of the service God really stepped in and I stood amazed. I asked for those with the manifestations to come forward and nearly the whole 500 to 600 crowd came down. I asked the interpreter what he had said and he had said exactly what I said. God was moving. I told the people what each sign meant and said that when I prayed the anointing over them the power of God would pour through them and heal and set them aflame for God. Well I prayed over the crowd and as I moved across the crowd there many who were healed on the spot, many who were knocked down by the spirit, some weeping and some laughing in the Spirit. I didn't know what to do next as God just swept the whole crowd into heavenly places. I had to leave to catch another overnight bus and didn't get to even see the aftermath. But as I left out the side many came to thank me and to place my hand upon their head.
Oh Jesus, you never cease to amaze me, to surprise me!  What a wonder You are.


Church: Ministerio Internacional das Ingrejas Vida Abundante, Manaus, AM


This church is a small church with big ideas.  They are in a very poor and crime ridden part of Manaus and they want to reach out to those people.  They have a large sound truck in the street and the street all closed off and maybe 300 – 400 seats.  The first night the sound truck was broken so we had our service in the church.  God again moved in power and delivered His healings and manifestations as He has everywhere.  God surprised the people with His desire to move His anointing and gifting out into the world.  These poor, crime ridden streets can be filled with joy and laughter as the Lord moves in incredible power.


I got a trip on the Amazon River with the interpreter and his son the next day.  What a dream come true, what a joy.


The second night the sound truck was ready and we preached from the top of the truck.  The truck was a large van with massive speakers.  But there was a glitch as the Assembly of God in Brazil believes that only those who are ordained pastors, which isn’t an idea from God.  The pastor brought in seven or eight other pastor friends to “help me” pray for the sick.  God would have given out His anointing on the people and upon those pastors, but He was thwarted in that.  Well, I couldn’t out yell the speakers so I prayed for the sick that night and all were healed.  I had to pray after the pastors had prayed for healing as well.  My heart was saddened.  I approached the pastor that night and told him what we had done and upon hearing he started weeping.  He is tender hearted and mighty have been forced to do what he did.


Church: Igreja Assembleia de Deus Vida Abundante, Boa Vista


This church is in a town outside of Boa Vista and is doing an outdoor crusade next to the church.  Man it is really hot here.  I just stand up and sweat.  But these are fun people to hang out with.  My Portuguese is not too great, but I can communicate somewhat and we laugh a lot at my mistakes etc.


We had two nights of glory and wonder as God moved in healing and in the manifestations of the Spirit.  “Many saved and many healed” is the pastor’s word to me of those two nights.  Glorious is the King of Kings who does everything.


I was in town for an extra night and the church had a special service for me.  We had singers and dancers and it was very fun.  Pastor asked me to teach on healing that night and I taught out of Isaiah 53:4-5 and Matthew 8: 16-17.  In the last verse Jesus goes out and heals all who come to him at that time.  I say to those in the church, “I am going to give you a gift tonight, I am going to pray for all the sick tonight and because Jesus is here to heal, I am expecting ALL to be healed tonight.”


Well about 40 came forward for healing and 39 got their healing.  Asthma, Cancer, Diabetes, Pains, aches all gone by the power of the healing Lord.  My interpreter, a young lawyer had never seen such stuff as he had seen the last three nights.  He was a changed young man finally seeing God move as he had never seen.


Precious Jesus, use this report to further your Kingdom and to ignite your children.